Don Knotts was just as funny in advertisements as he was on The Andy Griffith Show

His slapstick comedy helped sell hardware, hot dogs and Atari.

After five seasons of The Andy Griffith Show, Don Knotts left Mayberry for the big screen. It was a bold, risky move to walk away from Barney Fife, but Knotts fared quite well in movies, from The Incredible Mr. Limpet to his slapstick flicks with Tim Conway. By the end of the 1970s, Knotts would return to television, taking the job as the landlord on Three's Company.

Along the way, and later in his career, Knotts supplemented his career with commercial work. He turned up in ads as Barney Fife, as himself and sometimes as new characters altogether. Once, he was even a prisoner. Whatever guise he donned in advertising, Knotts also delivered his trademark physical humor and rubber-faced reactions.

Though they're just ads, they should still bring a smile to any fan's face. Let's take a look.

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1. Sanka Coffee

Part of the job of starring on The Andy Griffith Show included turning up in ads for the show's sponsors, which notably included Post Cereals and Sanka Coffee. This two-page magazine spread for Sanka went meta, showing Andy and Don trying to construct the props for the advertisement as if it were IKEA furniture. "It says here 'Use no hooks,' Andy," Don says. "Don't say nothin' 'bout hands, does it?" Andy replies. Interesting that they're in costume but referred to as Don and Andy, not Barney and Andy. It at least offered a rare glimpse of Barney Fife in his deputy's uniform in full color.

2. Grape Nuts Flakes

As mentioned above, Knotts and Griffith, not to mention Ron Howard and Frances Bavier, would perform in short skits at the tail end of The Andy Griffith Show to promote the show's sponsors. Here, Andy and Barney head to a fancy French restaurant, which Mayberry apparently has, where Barney orders something fancy-sounding en français off the menu. Turns out, it's just breakfast cereal.

3. Gaines Dog Food

The Andy Griffith Show cast also pitched Gaines-Burgers dog food, despite the fact that nobody on the sitcom owned a stereotypical family pet. Well, not counting Barney's brief fling with his bloodhound, Blue. That being said, Sheriff Andy seemingly owned a pooch named Prince in commercials. Knotts, on the other hand, performed other characters for the dog food brand, like this pet psychologist.

4. Burgess Batteries

For this batteries promotion in a print magazine, Knotts adopted his trademark scaredy-cat shtick, which he had recently put to good use in his popular flicks The Reluctant Astronaut and The Shakiest Gun in the West. Only here, instead of heading into space or the Wild West, he appeared to be "the Petrified Park Ranger" or something of the sort.

5. Dodge Trucks

This somewhat bizarre commercial breaks the fourth wall and becomes a commercial about making a commercial. We call it bizarre because the entire premise is that Knotts' performances fail to satisfy the director, who presses his star to act more and more aggressive. In the end, Dodge throws up its hands and inserts a shot of a pretty lady.

6. Atari

When Atari launched its groundbreaking home video game console in 1978, the tech company called on stars like Pete Rose and Don Knotts. Pete Rose, naturally, got to play himself — an All-Star slugger. Knotts, however, popped up as a jailbird behind bars. "You can't keep me in here, Atari!" he threatened, presumably to push the game Breakout. That cartridge mostly involved shooting a dot at a rainbow, but it takes on new meaning now that we realize the secret point was to break Don Knotts out of prison.

7. Bonanza Steakhouses

Bonanza, a steakhouse chain named after a popular TV Western, pulled off a surprising crossover in 1978 when it brought both Gilligan and Barney Fife together. Bob Denver relaxes in a hammock at the start, presumably still stuck on his island, which makes you wonder how he "discovered a Bonanza." Fife turns up at the end. Take a look at the door behind Barney, which reads "Sheriff's Office." Does this mean that Barney got a promotion in the intervening years?

8. Beneficial Income Tax Service

In this 1979 accounting commercial, Knotts played a new goofball, "Elmer," who fumbles his mail and nearly knocks over a pencil holder.

9. Our Own Hardware

Someone buy him that ladder quickly! Knotts also appeared in circular ads for the Our Own hardware stores chain. You might remember seeing him in the Sunday paper, like in the image at the top of this post.

10. AM/PM

Somebody get this man a hot dog! Knotts hungers for burgers and franks in this ad for the convenience store chain. He's not overtly playing a character, but he does wear a similar salt-and-pepper suit to Barney's. Perhaps this is Mr. Fife in the modern age?

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TVJunkie 58 months ago
I make peanuts schlepping boxes for a shipping company. Does anybody care?
TVJunkie 58 months ago
I thought we were talking about Don Knotts. What gives?
ETristanBooth 58 months ago
#2: "Andy and Barney head to a fancy French restaurant, which Mayberry apparently has..."

The restaurant was in Raleigh. In the episode, Barney orders off the French menu, and it turns out to be "snails and brains." They probably filmed this commercial at the same time.
cperrynaples 58 months ago
A few comments to add: [1]Before TAGS, Knotts sold Plymouth autos on Steve Allen, usually as his "nervous man" character. [2] I actually had a Breakout game in the late '70's and loved it! [3] In reference to 7, wouldn't it have been more appro for Bonanza to hire Lorne Greene and Pernell Roberts...LOL!!! [4] Barney WAS sheriff of Mayberry when Andy came back in the '86 reunion, but by the end Barney went back to serving as Andy's deputy!
DouglasMorris 58 months ago
I would have been thrilled to see Mr. Furley advertising apartment for rent!
TVJunkie 58 months ago
I would have loved to have seen The Incredible Mr. Limpet endorsing tropical fish food. Ahh. . . things that ought to have been yet never were.
I would have liked to have seen the Incredible Mr Limpet as the spokesfish for Chicken of the Sea tuna. In the jingle the word mermaid gets replaced with limpet. {For added effect, Mr. Limpet could be donning a mermaid wig and a scaly bra!} "Ask any limpet you happen to see, what's the best tuna? Chicken Of The Sea."
How about Don's character from The Reluctant Astronaut being the spokesperson for NASA!
Specifically, the NASA commercial would have him be a recruiter. One final movie The Ghost And Mr. Chicken: Don's character could plug Disney's Haunted Mansion and all the other eerie goings on there during Halloween. Don could have also played himself in a commercial for Knott's Scary Farm. {Knott's Berry Farm's haunted attraction for the fall season.} What perfect casting!
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