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Go figure! Here's another action-packed collection featuring over 7,000 toys and action figures.

Jun. 23, 2024

Seth Buckley is the proud owner of more than 7,000 toys and action figures, all in nearly perfect condition. Seth's love for toys was built into Toyland: A backyard shed filled with toys from almost every toy line and TV show from the '70s and '80s.

As Seth said: His collection is equivalent to a giant toy store, just located at a private residence where nothing is for sale.

Whether it is a Planet of the Apes action figure set, superhero memorabilia, or even a few familiar faces from The Waltons, Seth's collection is loaded with lifelong memories and maximum childhood nostalgia.

For Seth, collecting isn't just about obtaining all the pieces; it's about the art of the display. Seth started collecting after feeling a wave of nostalgia in a toy store. We hope you feel the same way as you look at Seth's collection. And... action!

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1. The Six Million Dollar Man Figures

Seth has a six million dollar collection with these action figures, which include two villains from the 1974 series, The Six Million Dollar Man.

These action figures come with many accessories and pieces that can be swapped in and out. Seth played with these action figures as a kid, and as an adult he wanted to collect the entire set.

Even as a kid, Seth took time and care in storing and putting them away. Years later, these action figures from The Six Million Dollar Man look brand new.

There are about eight to 10 figurines in the complete set. Seth's level and ability to complete rare items put his collection in another category. Today this set would be worth around $3,000.

2. Planet of the Apes Set

Two of these Planet of the Apes figurines are from Seth's childhood, again showing the care he's put into his collection over many years.

Dr. Zaius is one of Seth's favorite TV and film villains. Seth grew up as an only child, so many of these action figures became like family for him. There are seven to 10 figures per set, with some variations not included.

According to Seth, it's hard to be a completionist when items have variations because it can take decades to find an item you are looking for. Although, he seems to have done a pretty good job.

After years of play, use and display, Seth's Planet of the Apes action figures are in great condition, adding to the total value. This Planet of the Apes set is worth around $800 today.

3. Mego Superheroes Collection

Seth has a lot of superhero action figures and toys. This superhero collection is from the toy company Mego. His mega Mego collection includes Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, and more.

He has around 40 superhero action figures, but this specific collection means a lot to Seth because he grew up watching and reading about these characters.

Today this Mego superhero set would be worth around $10,000.

Who is your favorite superhero?

4. Star Trek: The Original Series Set

These action figures from Star Trek: The Original Series are the toys that started it all for Seth. These figurines are also from Mego and were released in the '70s.

Seth's parents were Star Trek fans, and watching the series was one of his earliest memories. He has 10 to 15 action figures with some of the most familiar Star Trek aliens.

Seth's Star Trek collection is complete with every accessory, item and alien available. The entire set is worth around $2,500.

5. The Waltons Action Figurines

These are not your typical action figures! There wasn't a whole lot of action on The Waltons mountain, but Seth started collecting these in honor of his mom.

It became his quest to hunt down all of them. He even ended up obtaining two versions of John-Boy. Seth paid around $40 for the complete set, but because it was in honor of his mom, it's priceless to him.

Today this set of The Waltons action figures would be worth around $140.

6. The total value of Seth Buckley's toys and action figures collection:

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MrsPhilHarris 24 days ago
I doubt that “shed” is just a shed. He probably took out a second mortgage to house all that stuff.
Runeshaper 25 days ago
That's a FUN and FANTASTIC collection!
KawiVulc 25 days ago
Most obvious yet no before he actually said no.
Doug 12 months ago
a "shed" doesn't sound like a good place to keep a collection worth maybe $200,000?
MrsPhilHarris 12 months ago
I would like to take a wander around that “shed”.
Mblack 12 months ago
Were there any vehiclesfor the Walton action figures?
Runeshaper 12 months ago
This is a FANTASTIC collection! I especially like the POTA and Star Trek figures! It's cool that companies like Mezco Toyz are reproducing new versions of these characters.
WGH Runeshaper 23 days ago
Those are the ones that really appeal to me also. We had the star trek, planet of the apes, and superhero ones. So many memories.
Runeshaper WGH 23 days ago
Bapa1 12 months ago
This guy has everything. Waltons "Action" Figures? "To The Walton Mobile!"
donniedeporte Bapa1 23 days ago
Never knew the Waltons had "Action" figures nor a Walton mobile. Makes me wonder of they ever joined up with some superheroes.
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