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Meet Telina Cuppari
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Who doesn't love a slice of pizza? This delicious pizza collection will be hard to top! Take a look!

Apr. 28, 2024

No one loves pizza as much as Telina. In case you needed proof, just take a look at her Pizza Palace; a place that features her award-winning, record-breaking collection dedicated to all things pizza.

Telina found her passion for pizza when she began traveling around the world. She noticed how everyone, everywhere, can bond over a slice of pizza. 

This Guinness World Record holder shows off some of her cheesiest, most delicious pizza items, including: an off-the-chain pizza necklace, a recognizable pizza box from a popular cult classic movie, a high-end pizza dress and more!

With over 800 pizza-related items, her collection will leave you hungry for moreor at least hungry for a slice of pizza! Enjoy it while it's hot!

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1. Telina's Pizza Dress

Telina is the pizza queen, and this dress just about proves it.

After she broke the Guinness World Record for having the most pizza-related collectibles, Telina wanted to celebrate with something special. 

This iconic pizza dress was made just for her by a local designer. She is proud to be wearing her love of pizza on her sleeve.

Our expert said the value of this dress is based on the labor. Some designers can spend anywhere from 100 to 800 hours making a dress from start to finish. 

We can only imagine having over 60 extra-large pizza slices would take a while to make.

Today this special order, extra topping pizza dress would be worth around $5,000. That's one expensive slice! 

2. Singing Pizza Elmo

Even Elmo loves pizza. This is a Singing Pizza Elmo originally released by the toy company Fisher-Price in 2007. 

Although Telina's Pizza Elmo doesn't sing anymore, the original sang a morphed version of the tune "Funiculi, Funicula."

For Telina, having the Singing Pizza Elmo in her collection was important because both pizza and Elmo have been bringing people happiness for decades. It's truly the perfect combo meal. 

According to our expert, the Singing Pizza Elmo is an easy find these days. This item would be worth around $20 today. 

3. Little Nero's Pizza Box

Here at Collector's Call we are all about the original box, but usually there is something in it! 

This pizza box isn't your average pie, it's based on the cult classic film, Home Alone. Little Nero's is a fictional pizza place, and a play on Little Caesars, as seen in the iconic movie.

Although it's not the screen-used box seen in the film, it still plays a prominent role in the film. Do you remember the famous line: "Keep the change, you filthy animal?" 

According to our expert, the box is very mass-produced today. This Little Nero's box would be worth around $25. Pizza not included.

4. Pizza Chef Doll

This is one of Telina's favorite items in her entire collection!

This pizza-making doll is named Francesca which also happens to be the name of Telina's daughter. Did you ever own one?

This iconic doll was made by a Canadian line called Our Generation and was a competitor to American Girl dolls. 

Our expert put a value of $35 on the iconic doll. The memories behind this item will far outlive what it's worth.

5. Pizza Chain

This is a spin swagger chain... dedicated to pizza, of course. 

When Telina won the Guinness World Record, she had this made for her by an old high school friend.

According to our expert, there is a whole subculture of spinning chains which most likely came from spinning rims on cars. 

It's a little cheesy, but we bet it goes great with the pizza dress.

Our expert valued this item at $150.

6. The Pizza Palette

When you have the biggest pizza collection in the country, you gotta have a palette for pizza! 

This is a pizza eye shadow palette which includes just about every color associated with pizza... except for "Flamingo," even Telina didn't know what part of the pizza the color represented. 

Telina received this item while writing for Beauty News NYC. A PR company sent her his item in exchange for an article about the pizza palette.

It's almost like having a whole eight-slice pizza. Our expert valued this item at $80.

7. The total value of Telina's pizza collection:

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Bapa1 2 months ago
Interesting show, Telina is so cool.
sagafrat69 2 months ago
I had a craving for a pizza the minute after I saw that show. One of the funniest episodes of "Collectors".Ms. Cuppari is a small bundle of energy. Very unusual collection and those for the most part are the most interesting.
Runeshaper 2 months ago
Even if it is mass produced, the Little Nero's Pizza Box is AWESOME!
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