Popular foods from the '90s that'll bring you maximum nostalgia

What was your favorite food from the '90s?

Imagine it's the '90s again. Platform shoes, baggy pants and maybe even some grunge music playing in the background. You're hungry so you decide to go to the kitchen. What food from the '90s did you swear by?

In the past, we've talked about vintage foods from other decades such as these 14 recipies from the 1970s. Today we are going back in time to see what the '90s had to offer. Whether it's a snack of Dunkaroos, a lunch of Hot Pockets or a dinner of Hamburger Helper, here are a variety of foods everyone seemed to be enjoying in the '90s. 

1. Breakfast: Toaster Strudel Pastries


Toaster Strudels have been around longer than the '90s, but it seems like everyone was eating these pastries for breakfast in the decade. Bonus points if you could draw something amazing with the icing packets included in the box. Which Toaster Strudel flavor was your favorite? 

2. Breakfast: Rice Krispies Treats Cereal


Rice Krispies Treats for breakfast? Sign us up! This cereal was very popular in the '90s and it's not to be confused with regular Rice Krispies cereal on shelves today. This dessert for breakfast cereal was discontinued in 2020.

3. Breakfast: Oreo O's Cereal


Oreo O's were not healthy in any way but they did taste amazing! This cereal came out in the '90s and many consider it part of their childhood. It was like waking up to dessert for breakfast. 

4. Snacks: Fruit Gushers


Fruit Gushers were first introduced in 1991 so it's no wonder they took the decade by storm. Gushers are still a popular snack today but nothing will beat the nostalgia of having them in the '90s. They were one of the hottest commodities inside any lunch box. Were you the kid who begged your parents for them at the grocery store? Or were you the parent who had to buy them?

5. Snacks: Trix Yogurt


Image Credit: Pinterest

Mmmm, probiotics with a side of sugar? Trix Yogurt was huge in the '90s. Another popular snack among kids, teens and even adults. It's vibrant colors were attractive to the eye and the flavor was addictive. Were you a fan?

6. Snacks: The Wonder Ball


Wonder Balls are made of chocolate and filled with other treats and toys. They were made in the mid-90s and discontinued in 2004 but have recently made a comeback. Are you a fan of these wonderful snacks?

7. Snacks: Dunkaroos


Let's be real here: you definitely ate these as a whole dinner at one point. Why wouldn't you? Dunkaroos were an addicting '90s snack staple. It was the best cookie + icing snack combo. The icing always seemed to go way quicker than the cookie. Maybe it's because we'd put way too much icing on just one? Either way, we wish these were still around today. 

8. Lunch: Lunchables and a Capri Sun


We put Lunchables and Capri Sun together because it just makes sense. A classic combo. What's your favorite Lunchable? It's the original meat and cheese plate. 

9. Lunch: Bologna Sandwiches


Image Credit: Eater.com

A classic bologna sandwich really got us through the '90s. What was your go to bologna sandwich condiment? 

10. Lunch: Hot Pockets


Who doesn't enjoy heating up a Hot Pocket? Hot Pockets now come in dozens of different and unique flavors, but many consider the ham and cheese to be the superior and original flavor. And...if you're feeling a bit more healthy, choose a Lean Pocket instead.

11. Dinner: Totino's Pizza Rolls


If only we had the ability to air fry pizza rolls in the '90s! Pizza rolls continue to be a staple for kids and adults alike. We dare you to eat one of these without buring the roof of your mouth! 

12. Dinner: Stuffed Crust Pizzza


Did you know that stuffed crust pizza was created in the '90s? What seems to be a very popular item today actually isn't that old. Stuffed crust pizza was made popular thanks to Pizza Hut. It seemed like no one could get enough of them in the '90s. We are hungry just looking at it!

13. Dinner: Kid Cuisine


Another food born in the '90s! Kid Cuisine was on every parent's shopping list.  With cute cartoons as the mascot and a complete meal with sides and a dessert, it made dinner easy. The brownies aren't half bad, even as an adult. Do you still remember the commercial with the little animated penguin?

14. Dinner: Hamburger Helper


The smell of parents making this in the '90s is a core memory from many kids. Did you have a certain kind that was your favorite?

15. Dinner: Boca Burgers


Boca Burgers were one of the original veggie burgers. Parents everywhere tried to get kids to eat these. Some successful and some not. 

16. Dessert: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake


Image Credit: Pop Sugar

Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes were a very popular dessert in the '90s. From ordering them in a restaurant to making them on your own, it was one of the desserts that brought everyone from the '90s together. Do you make your own homemade lava cakes?

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IndianaRockz 8 months ago
Can't forget a good old fashioned fried bologna sammich.
Coldnorth 11 months ago
Never heard of #7 or #15. Loved #1. Makes happy just thinking of the good ones
hyppymom 24 months ago
#1, #8 & # 16 are my favorites. We eat them even now. Grandkids love them, too!
zman47240 24 months ago
Pizza rolls are one of my favorite snacks of all time. Also love Oreos cereal.
Sara 24 months ago
They definitely still make dunkaroos. They usually have them by the check out or a display near the front of the store. If you "wish they were still around" just go to the grocery store. You'll get your wish granted. 😉
212823 24 months ago
I’m pretty sure I just had Dunkaroos. Not sure why it said “we wish these were still around today.”
nightshade 212823 24 months ago
because until about a month ago they hadn't made them since the late 90s
Sara nightshade 24 months ago
That's true plus I don't know if all stores sell them. I was going by stores in my area. Even there it's hit or miss
ELEANOR 24 months ago
Bologna sandwiches are the grossest thing ever. White bread and bologna slices, ick, ick, ick!! How anyone could possibly love a bologna sandwich is beyond me.
RichLorn ELEANOR 24 months ago
Bologna sandwiches should only be on rye bread with butter, or occasionally with mustard. (How many know that mayonnaise is made by emulsifying oil and raw egg?)
AndreaZ RichLorn 24 months ago
I think most people know that. Although industrial mayo like Kraft is made of far worse things.
AndreaZ RichLorn 24 months ago
Odd selection of items. Half predate the 90s and were popular as far back as the 1970s.
Coldnorth RichLorn 11 months ago
It’s not right to have a bologna sandwich not slathered in mustard
Moverfan 24 months ago
Love Toaster Strudel, Hot Pockets, pizza rolls, Lunchables...actually, I've eaten most of the things on this list. Not eating Hamburger Helper for NOBODY, however...
Michael 24 months ago
I'm trying to decide if we're supposed to be excited about thespecific items, or the generic?

I'm sure I had some toaster strudels within the past five years. I coukd have bought lava cakes. I have Pizza Pockets every so often. They still make bologna (even vegetarian) and white bread. I could get stuffed crust pizza.
Kd55 24 months ago
What about spaghetti O’s? I fed my kids those in the 90’s. Open a can, dump in a pan, heat, throw in a in a bowl. Get back to the game and beer. Lol
Michael Kd55 24 months ago
You cooked itforyour kids?

In the sixties, canned spaghetti, and Chef Boyardee, were things we could cook ourselves. Well, heat up. And no microwave.
RichLorn Michael 24 months ago
Don't laugh, but IMO Chef Boyardee make THE best tasting sauce.
hyppymom RichLorn 24 months ago
SpaghettiOs rock!!
retro6 24 months ago
I am reluctantly confessing that as the mother of two kids born in the 90’s we had all of these with the exception of #15. Not my finest hour right now. They seem to be healthy though! 😬😕😫
walt 24 months ago
Brought back lots of memories. Bologna sandwich on white bread with mayo and yellow mustard.
thelilacflower 24 months ago
I’ve been vegan forever, I didn’t realize Boca burgers have been around this long.
Runeshaper 24 months ago
Yep, almost remember all of those lol
15inchBlackandWhite 24 months ago
Hamburger Helper was really more of a 70's thing, when inflation was as bad as it is today.
I still make them. The stroganoff one is really good with real sour cream mixed in.
hyppymom hrcopter 24 months ago
I still use HH and yes, the stroganoff is the best when you add extra sour cream!
Coldnorth hrcopter 11 months ago
Lots of sour cream is the key to making hamburger helper tasty
WordsmithWorks 24 months ago
With the exception of Lunchables and Fruit Gushers, I'm not sure how 90's iconic any of these were. Most were around in one form or another way before 1990. Toaster pastries, Oreos, Rice Krispy treats, Hamburger Helper, etc. And bologna sandwiches? Come on.
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