Your guide to the spookiest Western episodes

We're scared saddle-less over these episodes!

There's ghosts in them thar saloons!

Just when you thought it was safe to tie up your horse for a refreshing sarsaparilla...

We're taking all your favorite classic TV Westerns and shakin' them upside down until their scariest episodes fall out of their chaps. 

Fear not though (or maybe just a little bit), for we're here to provide you with a handy-dandy guide to the most haunted episodes in the wild, wild West! 

So, take a read, and make sure to tune in. It'll leave you shakin' in your boots, partner!

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1. Wild Wild West - "Night of the Man-Eating House"


The dudes from Wild Wild West transport a treasonous old man to the hospital. He's spent 30 years in solitary confinement! They get weary on their journey, and looking for somewhere to stay the night, come across a haunted old mansion. What could possibly go wrong? Well, plenty, as West and Gordon find out why it's called "The Man-Eating House"

2. Wagon Train - "Little Girl Lost"


Everybody gather 'round the campfire for a good old-fashioned ghost story. This one concerns a mysterious little girl who shows up every night, crying. But, all may not be what it seems. Everyone can hear her, but only Charlie can see her. Is she a ghost from the infamous Donner Party? Tune in to find out!

3. The Big Valley - "A Noose is Waiting"


As if the episode's title wasn't scary enough, the story is pretty darn terrifying, too! The Barkleys are in some serious danger in this one when a strange doctor rolls into town. As our favorite family welcomes this newcomer, they're unaware that he's actually a crazed killer on the loose. Uh-oh! Look out Barbara Stanwyck! 

4. Gunsmoke - "Legal Revenge"


Jeez, Cloris Leachman sure is scary! That's because Doc catches her in a web of lies when he rides out to her. Leachman plays the incredibly named Flory Tibbs, who lies and says her husband is out in town. Doc hears a man call out and finds Mr. Tibbs (no, not the In the Heat of the Night one) hiding inside with a busted leg. But the story changes again when Marshall Matt Dillon rides to the site. Creepy!

5. Gunsmoke - "Night Incident"


Two Gunsmoke episodes? The show kept the creepies comin' with "Night Incident." Nobody believes Little Timmy Wyatt when he comes to Marshall Dillon saying he overheard a series of bizarre murders. However, because Dillon is such a good lawman, he decides to investigate anyway. What he learns may shock and disturb!

6. Bonanza - "Dark Star"


Cool your jets, Deadheads, this one isn't about the Jerry Garcia composition. Instead, "Dark Star" is a season one episode of Bonanza that sees Little Joe encountering a gypsy woman who's been ousted from her community. But, wait! Is she a witch?! Be careful Little Joe, or the whole Cartwright clan could end up hexed!

7. Rawhide - "Incident of the Murder Steer"


Nope, it's not a PETA campaign. This is a real episode of Rawhide. It could've been called "Booovine," cause that's one creepy cattle! Is it a terrible omen, or did the bull do it himself? "Steer" clear of the MOO-udder (read: murder) with this one!

8. Have Gun, Will Travel - "No Visitors"


Our main man Paladin is at the center of a moral dilemma in this one. Will his egalitarian views somehow convince the utilitarian prairie town that a mother and child are worth saving? The townspeople have condemned the outsiders to death, scared to let typhoid into their village. It's a witch-hunt metaphor in this first season episode!

9. Wanted Dead or Alive - "Witch Woman"


Speaking of witches, this one's a little spin on the classic tropes. This time, Josh (Steve McQueen) is protecting a couple from a woman that everybody knows is a witch. It's a reverse witch-hunt, as Josh does his best to protect the expecting parents from La Curandera!

10. The Rifleman - "Face of Yesterday"


In this episode, it's not a haunted house (or haunted horse), but a haunted man as Lucas McCain recounts a tale that has tormented him since the Civil War. Lucas is called out by a young man who is the spitting image of a Confederate soldier Lucas killed during his time in the army. The ghosts of the past bedevil North Fork in "Face of Yesterday!" 

11. Rifleman - "Hostages to Fortune"


Here's a classic TV rarity: A Western that's actually a straight-up bona fide Halloween episode. Mark McCain and his posse of pals don masks to do pranks. But, wait! A band of ruffians sport similar get ups in order to cause more than mischief, knowing the boys will be blamed. It's a case of mistaken identity in "Hostages to Fortune!"

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JamesSouth 5 months ago
It's The Wild Wild West. Wild Wild West was the title of the lame movie.
ironman2000 9 months ago
Another strange one, was from Rawhide season 1, about this drifter who was hired on for the drive and J'esus told the drivers he was curse.
ironman2000 9 months ago
They should have added Twilight Town, from Bonanza season 4 I believe. That was one that made you think at the ending.
Kaydee 9 months ago
The Bonanza episode "Dark Star" would've been a more creepier episode if it were not for the Horrible acting by the lovely Susan Harrison...Just Horrible in my opinion.
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
Rusty Stevens, Larry Mondello from Leave It To Beaver is in the Rifleman episode.
Suzies1952 9 months ago
Can’t. Wait to watch all the haunted scary shows in October, it’s such a fun time of year and I have fun decorating my door for Halloween 🎃 boo 👻 ha ha!!
Andybandit 9 months ago
All these episodes were good ones. I look forward to seeing the different shows with the Halloween theme.
teire 9 months ago
What about the Twilight Town episode of Bonanza? The ending gives me goosebumps.
harlow1313 9 months ago
Off Topic: I remember an episode that scared me as a young kid. Timmy and Lassie accidentally take off in a hot air balloon. Not sure why, but that helplessness got under my skin.
josephbard52 9 months ago
Ok,I got a better scary one from the Ridleman and I saw it first run as a little kid....Mark is chased by a grunting maniac in a spooky cavern in Micahs old childhood town.(a ghostown now)...I had nightmares for months.
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