A Cinematic War of Gabors

Eva vs Zsa Zsa!


Sound the alarm! It's a Gabor-off!

You've taken quizzes about their biological details, but how well do you know their movies?

It's Zsa Zsa vs Eva, and you tell us who starred in each flick!

More, more, Gabor! 

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  1. The Road to Hong Kong
  2. Drop Dead Darling
  3. Gigi
  4. The Life of Riley
  5. The Mad Magician
  6. The Wife of Monte Cristo
  7. Touch of Evil
  8. My Man Godfrey
  9. The Rescuers Down Under
  10. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

A Cinematic War of Gabors

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RobertK 9 months ago
4 of 10. I never knew they were in so many movies! I thought they were more thought of as socialites back in the day. The only movie I knew was "Queen of Outer Space" with Zsa Zsa, because I liked Scifi when I was a kid. I believe there was also a third sister, Magda, as well.
DonK31 9 months ago
The sisters were the original Kardasians, famous for being famous.
evagaborisqueen 9 months ago
9/10. I've always liked Eva better. Not sure why..
fourinslidell 9 months ago
8 out of 10, guessed at most but tried to put Zsa Zsa with the baddest sounding titles since she did fight with that cop. Haha
Wendy57 9 months ago
Whole lotta lucky guessin’ going on with this one.
CaptainDunsel 9 months ago
Clearly I can't tell my Gabors apart.
BorisK 9 months ago
What about Zsa Zsa's 'Queen of Outer Space'? One of the 1950s best-ever bomb Sci-Fi movies of all time!
Snickers 9 months ago
5/10. Other than Eva on Green Acres and Zsa Zsa in Queen of Outer Space, I know nothing of about their work.
AllisonWunderland 9 months ago
Oh, I’ve lost more than the plot, dahlink 😂
MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
6/10 Sould have been 7/10 since I knew Zsa Zsa was in Touch Of Evil.
KJExpress 9 months ago
4/10. I only knew two of these and guessed rather badly on the rest. 😜
Big3Fan 9 months ago
Ten guesses, seven successes. I don't know their movies, but I do know that the three Gabor girls had
twenty marriages between them; Zsa Zsa 9, Magda 6 and Eva 5.
Wendy57 MrsPhilHarris 9 months ago
They obviously went through dahlinks very quickly. Like a tag team in wrestling.
BrittReid 9 months ago
8/10 No 'Queen of Outer space' question?
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