Are these cult films actually good?

Is it worthy of cult classic status?


What makes a movie a "cult film"? Cinephiles have disagreed over the definition for years, and no resolution has been heard as of yet. Some argue that a cult film is a box office bomb that gains newfound appreciation and adoration after its theatrical run. Some argue that a cult film is any film with a deeply devoted fanbase.

Regardless, films that have been given the coveted cult status have gained newfound love from fans across the globe. But have they earned that love? We're asking that difficult question today and giving you the opportunity to answer. We'll give you a film that has been argued to have reached "cult status" and you tell us if that film is actually good, and thus worthy of that status.

  1. Creature From The Black Lagoon
  2. Plan 9 from Outer Space
  3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. Nosferatu
  5. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
  6. Harold and Maude
  7. The Evil Dead
  8. The Thing
  9. Eraserhead
  10. Pink Flamingos
  11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  12. Night of the Living Dead

Are these cult films actually good?

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Fred_Clampett 9 months ago
While Plan 9 is not a good movie, it's a fun watch.
I couldn't make heads or tails out of Eraserhead, but I know ppl who love it.
Monty Python's Holy Grail is probably my favorite on this list.
Got 83%>
Ratt1959 Fred_Clampett 9 months ago
Agree on all three.
trogg888 10 months ago
I wouldn't call some of those cults especially the thing.that movie still creeps me out and it started matt Dillons career practically
TSeym22 10 months ago
First time I've gotten 100% agreement on one of these things. Interesting.
musicman37 10 months ago
Sorry, but I love "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" - it's SO 60s in attitude, got the Strawberry Alarm Clock in it, and it was Pam Grier's very first film (if you blink, you'll miss her as a party guest). Plus there's that bitchin' soundtrack with songs sung by Lynn Carey and Barbara Robison, lip-synced by Dolly Read.

I also hate the 1982 remake of "The Thing". The original was less gross and more scary.
mugens 10 months ago
83% similar, but then my tastes have never been everyone else's, nor would I want it that way.
kb7rky 10 months ago
"The Holy Grail" is REQUIRED watching for those who wish to participate in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms)

...not to mention that it'll make your sister-in-law laugh until she pees herself
Amalthea 10 months ago
I made the mistake of watching "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" when I was sick. When I was feeling better I thought that the movie couldn't have been as bad as I thought. Much later I decided to watch it again when I was feeling well. It was worse.
musicman37 Amalthea 10 months ago
Try educating yourself, first on everything else, then on what Roger Ebert and Russ Meyer were actually trying to convey in the storyline. It's also got a bitchin' soundtrack.
GoUTVols1961 musicman37 10 months ago
What a jerk reply.
Nightshade1972 Amalthea 5 months ago
Years ago, I had a bad night of insomnia. I finally gave up trying to sleep, got up, went into the living room, and looked for something to watch on TV. I settled on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. At the time, sleep-deprived and basically punch-drunk, I thought it was hilarious.

I watched it again a few years later, well-rested and fully with-it, and didn't find it funny at all. Make of that what you will. :-)
Moverfan 10 months ago
66% and Monty Python & The Holy Grail is the only one I've ever seen--or ever wanted to!
spalding69 10 months ago
100% I know my crummy movies. How about the "CRAWLING EYE" and "THE FIEND WITHOUT A FACE" classics
ERROL 10 months ago
100% similar to the most popular responses
big fan
Jackhammer 10 months ago
58% similar.. I've always been a person who swims against the tide (for the most part)
dodgebob 10 months ago
66%, one more 6 and that would be bad.
WGH 10 months ago
I went to the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is the home of George romero.

They were screening Night of the Living Dead near halloween.

When the film ended, a guy stood up in the crowd and asked if there were any questions.

Someone said "who the hell are you?".

He said... "I'm the guy that made the film!" (It was George Romero)

Very cool moment. Lots of good questions. Wish I had a cell phone with a camera back in 1990.
KawiVulc 10 months ago
Watched the Creature From The Black Lagoon the very first night I was allowed to stay home by myself while my folks were out. Scared me stupid. Saw it again a few years later and.... Julia Adams, yow!
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