Are these episodes of The Honeymooners or All in the Family?

Which husband is causing trouble in these episodes: Archie Bunker or Ralph Kramden?


Although The Honeymooners and All in the Family were on in two different decades, both have similar plots. For example, both shows are about a husband and wife. The husbands say what they want, do what they want and barely listen to their wives. The wives stay optimistic during their husbands' rants and often are there to cool things down when they get upset.

Not to mention, each show is loved by many viewers, even people who weren't born when they first aired.

Do these episodes belong to The Honeymooners or All in the Family? Good luck!

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  1. Which series has an episode called "The Hot Watch"?
  2. Which series has an episode called "Head of the House"?
  3. Which series has an episode called "A Man's Pride"?
  4. Which series has an episode called "Everybody Tells the Truth"?
  5. Which series has an episode called "A Woman's Work Is Never Done"?
  6. Which series has an episode called "Unequal Partners"?
  7. Which series has an episode called " The Brother"?
  8. Which series has an episode called "Here Comes the Bride"?
  9. Which series has an episode called "Oh, My Aching Back"?

Are these episodes of The Honeymooners or All in the Family?

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DanDolgin 15 months ago
7/9, Much better than the first quiz. I'm not good at remembering faces and most pictures on these quizzes have very low graphics.
Tresix 15 months ago
5/9. I kept answering “Both” for most of them. “Everybody Tells the Truth “ is not only one of my favorite “AITF” episodes, it’s one of my favorite TV episodes period. Now, practically every sitcom does an episode similar to this “Rashomon” parody.
dmirarh 15 months ago
You got 2 out of 9. NAILED IT!!!
Rriopdgt 15 months ago
Thank you for bringing back, all in the family. My favorite
Deleted 15 months ago
This comment has been removed.
dmirarh 15 months ago
Da, really....
DanDolgin 15 months ago
8/9 All except the very last question. Since I have seen most episodes of both series, despite not knowing all the titles I logically picked the show that the title best described.
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
3/9…🤷‍♀️ Archie looks how I feel…lol
JeffPaul76 16 months ago
"You got 7 out of 9 ---------Put on your good clothes. It's time to celebrate this score! I got 4 & 9 wrong.
JHP 16 months ago
7/9 and (snicker snicker) Me-Tv ; got all Honeymooners on the DVR - so cancel w/o warning to loyal viewers whenever
JeffPaul76 JHP 16 months ago
Which two did you miss, or get wrong? Mine was 4 & 9.
JHP JeffPaul76 15 months ago
#1 and #2:)
JHP 16 months ago
gonna up the ante - Hey Me-Tv ; how about Sanford and Son?

coming soon?

another big time fav of mine:)
dmirarh JHP 15 months ago
Get real
McGillahooala 16 months ago
7/9. All in the family is a good show, but the Honeymooners is a classic.
Maverick66 16 months ago
5/9. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: I don't pay attention to TV show titles.
Pacificsun Maverick66 16 months ago
Every episode of any Series actually does have a title. But I don't remember The Honeymooners showing theirs. I wonder if it's at the discretion of the network to skip it in favor of more advertising time.

Now, All in the Family would definitely make their titles clear. The writers would want credit for one thing.
Charleshorse Maverick66 16 months ago
I get ya. The only reason I got 7 out of 9 is because I own The Honeymooners on DVD and sometimes I search my favorite episodes by title
wanderer2575 Pacificsun 16 months ago
Writing credits have always been shown. Whether episode titles are shown is another matter.
Pacificsun wanderer2575 16 months ago
😉 Did you know, and if so, then this is for other readers. That written by, produced by and directed by did not regularly appear before the beginning of a program. Best examples can be seen in Sixties shows which did not want to recreate their credits which can be very expensive. So they copied the credits from where they appeared at the end and pasted them before the episode began. And redid the opening theme. Very evident is Leave It To Beaver as an example. Hour long dramas however, must've had larger budgets. But in some Shows you can still see it being done. Most Series had to redo their Credits anyway with the advent of color transmission.

I researched it once and it's hard to remember why. But I think the change occurred after a Strike, where major craft-talent wanted fair recognition. Not every viewer stuck around for ending credits, because not everyone had a remote control, either.
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