Are these real Peanuts titles or did we make them up?

How much do you love the Peanuts gang?


We've prepared a quiz for those of you who love the Peanuts gang. So, it's for everyone, because everyone on the face of the planet loves the Peanuts. In this quiz, we'll give you the title of a Peanuts feature film, television film, or short, and you've got to tell us if it's a real title, or if we're just trying to tear that football away the second before you kick it.

  1. Why, Charlie Brown, Why?
  2. Ain't Life Grand, Charlie Brown?
  3. It's Graduation Day, Charlie Brown!
  4. It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown
  5. It's Just a Routine Physical, Charlie Brown
  6. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  7. You're In Love, Charlie Brown
  8. What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown
  9. Are You My Secret Admirer, Charlie Brown?
  10. Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Are these real Peanuts titles or did we make them up?

Your Result...

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timothys71 7 months ago
7/10. I knew "What A Nightmare, CB" (perhaps one of the oddest Peanuts specials ever made) because I have it on DVD as part of the "Peanuts 1970's Volume 2" set. Maybe I need to purchase a couple of the other DVD sets that include some of the more obscure titles.
AgingDisgracefully 7 months ago
Waiting for the re-release of Your Pamper's Full, Charlie Brown.
Perhaps the Director's Cut.
Your Pamper's Full, Pigpen. You're a (rhymes with ditch), Lucy. Some new "Peanuts" titles to consider.
True. And fair enough.
But I challenge the Pigpen thought. Front-of-House might be a little disheveled, but underneath he was known to be a one-stop-hygiene-headquarters.
HpHoward 7 months ago
It has always seemed to me that after Charles Schulz died, the quality of the TV specials went way down. In any case, I didn't care much for the ones made without his direct input.
RicardoShillyShally 7 months ago
8/10. Missed Secret Admirer ( little red-haired girl?) and Nightmare. What were these about?
I think the quiz is wrong on "Secret Admirer" also. I saw almost all of them well into the 1990s, and I cannot find any data on this title.
I also got 8/10.

"It's a Nightmare, Charlie Brown" was about Snoopy eating a lot before bedtime (I think) and having a nightmare about being a sled dog in Alaska, and suffering the abuse of being on the team of dogs.
Garyboz 7 months ago
9/10. I don't think the quiz is correct about "Are You My Secret Admirer, Charlie Brown?" I don't remember that one, and it's the only one I missed on the quiz.
Ready2go 7 months ago
7/10. I feel like a got hit with the clothes removing baseball, good grief ! Back to the bench for me.
Cougar90 7 months ago
8 out of 10. Snoopy invited me over to his doghouse for Christmas. However, I don't understand why there's a Red Fokker Triplane parked next to it.
Moverfan Cougar90 6 months ago
Better next to it than on it...
Jeffrey 7 months ago
"You got 6 out of 10" "You're an expert, Charlie Brown!" -----I got 1, 8, 9, and 10 wrong.
Jeffrey Jeffrey 7 months ago
I thought they would have "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in the list.
Two of the best, but pretty obvious.
SparkleMotion 7 months ago
What???? I got 3 out of 10. I did not expect to do that horrible.
Coldnorth SparkleMotion 7 months ago
You’re not alone I received the same score. My memory must be going haywire
Tresix 7 months ago
50%. The one about the physical cracked me up! The secret admirer one might get Charlie hit with a restraining order.
retro6 7 months ago
2/10. That was harsh!
Coldnorth retro6 7 months ago
I got 3 right. I don’t know how it happened
jabba 7 months ago correction: "Are You My Secret Admirer, Charlie Brown?" is made up, but the quiz counts it as real.
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