Are these the names of Bonanza episodes or 1980s action films?

Were "Desert Justice" and "Firewalker" on the big screen or the small?


The classic western Bonanza ran for 14 seasons from the late 1950s to the early 1970s. Over its 430 episodes, it told many action-packed stories of the Cartwright family.

The episode names almost sound like they could be movie titles. In fact, sometimes they were! Season 10, Episode 26 is called "The Running Man," sharing a name with the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

With that in mind, here are 20 different titles. Can you tell which ones are Bonanza episodes and which are action flicks from the 1980s?

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  1. The Avenger
  2. Top Gun
  3. The Last Viking
  4. First Blood
  5. Firewalker
  6. The Deadliest Game
  7. Full Metal Jacket
  8. Desert Justice
  9. The Last Hunt
  10. Road House
  11. Breed of Violence
  12. Above the Law
  13. In Defense of Honor
  14. Commando
  15. No Way Out
  16. Cutthroat Junction
  17. Red Heat
  18. The Last Mission
  19. Day of the Dragon
  20. Blue Thunder

Are these the names of Bonanza episodes or 1980s action films?

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LynCarrigan 10 days ago
I did lousy and I’ve watched a lot of Bonanza. Action movies no.
CortneyNicole 12 days ago
16/20 I really kicked butt on that quiz!
rubyslippers1234 13 days ago
20/20. I’m completely shocked. I did a process of elimination of the ‘80’s titles, and then decided if it was a Bonanza episode. Still, I’m in disbelief.
jodyh05 13 days ago
20/20. I know, I’m surprised too.
frenchman71 14 days ago
20/20. There were about 5 or 6 Bonanza episodes that I really liked but the only title I remember was "To Die in Darkness" with James Whitmore.
SongoftheSouth 14 days ago
20/20. I always loved Bonanza, and '80's action movies.
Dysall 14 days ago
20/20. 18 & 19 had me stumped so I guessed them. They sounded like they could have been both.
paulbryars 14 days ago
17/20. Now I want to binge on 80s action movies! They were the best.
Bone1969 15 days ago
19/20. I like both Bonanza and action movies so I thought I'd take a shot at it. Not too bad...
sjbang88 15 days ago
16/20 Having watched very little "Bananas", 16/20 ain't all that bad, I guess
McGillahooala 15 days ago
16/20. One miss was a quick draw malfunction.
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