Are you an old soul or kid at heart?

It's the finer things in life vs. maximum fun.

Some folks feel young forever. Others are born with an old soul. It takes both kinds to make the world go 'round, so which one are you?

Today's the day to find out. Answer five short questions below that tell us more than you might think about the way your imagination works, and we'll reveal if you're more of an old soul or kid at heart.

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  1. Let's start at the beginning of your day. What do you usually want for breakfast?
  2. All right, let's watch some cartoons. Pick the classic cartoon below that you like best:
  3. Oh no, you got bored. Pick something to do to amuse yourself:
  4. The 1980s gave us a ton of great jams. Pick a song below from the 1980s that you like best:
  5. Last question. The 1960s was possibly the most imaginative period in TV history. Pick the TV show you like best from the 1960s:
Are you an old soul or kid at heart?

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