Are you more like Carol Brady or Edith Bunker?

Two moms. Two wives. Two classic women.

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There are a few differences between Carol Brady and Edith Bunker. One is the mother of six children who serves as the mediator with her husband when things get a little crazy.

The other has a daughter and a son-in-law who resides in the home she shares with her husband. She doesn't have to deal with children, but she does have to deal with her husband: Archie.

Both television moms were big on family and unique in their own way. Which are you more like: Carol Brady or Edith Bunker? Answer these random questions, and we'll tell you!

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  1. Which city would you live in?
  2. How many people would you live with?
  3. What color would you dye your hair?
  4. If you were trapped somewhere, would you call your spouse for help?
  5. Would you throw a birthday party for your spouse, even though they didn't want one?
  6. Would you rather cook dinner for your family or hire a maid?
  7. If you had the option to stay at home instead of working, would you?
  8. If your spouse is wrong, how would you tell them?
  9. Would you sing in a choir?
  10. If your spouse bought something without consulting with you first, how would you react?

Are you more like Carol Brady or Edith Bunker?

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