Aviation Vacation: How well do you remember this classic toon?

Maybe you'll have the answers. Maybe you're just plane wrong.

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When it aired in 1941, the Merrie Melodies cartoon "Aviation Vacation" was a promise as much as it was entertainment. Commercial flights were becoming attainable to more Americans each year; in 1940 alone, more than 2 million Americans flew in an airplane. The costs per mile were decreasing while the number of flights was increasing. Destinations that were, just ten years ago, unreachable were now merely a few hours away. Places folks had only seen in books were now available to visit.

While commercial aviation was still decades away from its peak in ubiquity, the promise was there. With a team of incredible animators, director Tex Avery capitalized on this promise, offering audiences a glimpse at what would come with "Aviation Vacation."

So how well do you remember the toon? Even if you haven't watched "Aviation Vacation" recently, take a shot at this quiz, and maybe you'll learn something, or remember something, about this historical toon.

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  1. Where does the plane take off from?
  2. When the plane passes Mount Rushmore, what political opponents are featured?
  3. The Irish Tenor stops mid-song to yell at the projectionist about a stray "hair" ruining the shot. This gag is reused in which later Tex Avery toon?
  4. What text is missing in the opening title sequence?
  5. What song does the Irishman sing?
  6. A series of beautiful butterflies is disrupted by an ugly one, who says which of the following?
  7. Rare for a "Merrie Melodies" toon, the "Looney Tunes" is heard here. What is its title?
  8. This short was released after Tex Avery left Warner Bros. What studio did he work for next?
  9. Where does the plane land?
  10. Who voices the narrator?

Aviation Vacation: How well do you remember this classic toon?

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