Build your own picnic, and we'll tell you which character will join you

You have a lovely evening with a classic character, but who will it be?

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Oliver and Lisa Douglas try to have a picnic!
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There's nothing like a nice little picnic with a view that will make you forget about all of your troubles. Although you can plan this nice outing any time, National Picnic Day is when you'll see many picnic baskets on their way to a beautiful location, filled with food, drinks and a blanket to sit on.

Let's have some fun! Build your own picnic, and we'll tell you which character will join you.

  1. What's the first thing you'll put in your basket?
  2. What food are you putting in your basket?
  3. What type of snacks will you bring?
  4. Where would you like to have your picnic?
  5. Which item will you bring to make your picnic look nice?
  6. How will you get to your picnic location?
  7. You have to enforce a dress code. What will it be?
  8. How much are you willing to spend on the picnic?
  9. When your character arrives, how will you greet them?
  10. How long will your picnic be?

Build your own picnic, and we'll tell you which character will join you

Your Result...

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graceful1970 10 months ago
You'll be dining with Granny. Not sure how they arrived at this.
MargretNoMarGREAT 10 months ago
I got Benny Fife. When I was a little girl, my nana sure loved Benny Fife. I guess in a way.. I do too! 😉😉 Can. Not. Wait.!! 🤣 LOL.
LH 11 months ago
Granny🙄 I’d rather have Hoss
Adamtwelvia LH 5 months ago
I got Hoss
ww245 11 months ago
Hoss would be a fun guy to have a picnic with. Down to earth, teddy bear kinda guy, tall and very sweet. Love it!
SusanTammy 11 months ago
You'll be dining with Granny
Granny has agreed to join you, but under one condition: you must help her find that jackrabbit!

Wow! I love who I got!!
MrChrisM 12 months ago
Hoss Cartwright was always a favorite of mine.
texasluva 12 months ago
I would greet Hoss with a big slap on the back.
dodgebob 12 months ago
Lisa Douglas, without Oleva, and Arnold's cousin in the basket.
grandpa5741 dodgebob 11 months ago
I Love Lisa Douglas
JulieTV 12 months ago
I am dining with Granny. I would rather be with Little Joe.
LalaLucy 12 months ago
Hoss. Definitely would be fun, but a little concerned about having enough food!
Moverfan 12 months ago
I'm having a picnic with Granny? Well, nothing against you, ma'am, but I WAS hoping for that handsome Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith....[George Peppard, oh, my, my my...]
Marye 12 months ago
Hummm...I got Hoss Cartwright, but I wanted Matt Dillon...
mhc 12 months ago
granny oh no do not like her--instead of ll day it will be "no more than 2 hours"
This is a double negative" It shouldn't be no more than two hours.
rockaria 12 months ago
I got Hoss Cartwright. That's great. I love Hoss. But I don't know if I'll have enough food for both of us! I hope he brings his horse so we can go for a ride.
Coldnorth rockaria 12 months ago
That would be too much weight for the horse. Even if you weigh 100 pounds.
dodgebob Coldnorth 11 months ago
What, you never saw a bull legged horse, sway back and bugged eyes.
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