Build your perfect trick-or-treat bag and we will guess your age!

Milk Duds or Sour Patch Kids? Pick your candy and trick-or-treat preferences and we will guess your age!


Whether you're passing out candy this year or going door-to-door to collect it, Halloween is all about the candy. Try to think back to your trick-or-treating days. What candy did you love the most? Which candy did you save for last? Did you ever organize your candy in a certain way?

These questions will help us guess your age, or at least try to. It's not exact science but somehow the choice between Sour Patch Kids and Milk Duds says it all.

Let us know how well or how bad we did at guessing!

  1. Let's set the scene: it's Halloween and you are ready for trick-or-treating. What's the perfect weather for the day of Halloween?
  2. Now to the costume. The second most important element to Halloween besides the candy! What would you typically wear?
  3. What kind of Halloween basket did you have when you were a kid?
  4. Were you afraid of the houses with spooky decorations?
  5. Did your family stay in your neighborhood for trick-or-treating or travel somewhere else?
  6. Now, time for the candy! What are your thoughts on Candy Corn?
  7. What kind of chocolate were you always hoping to find in your bag?
  8. What was the worst thing you could get in your trick-or-treat bag?
  9. What's your favorite nutty candy?
  10. Which of these chewy or hard candies are your favorite?
  11. What is your favorite little round candy?
  12. Was there a certain way you'd organize your candy?
  13. Do you pass out candy as an adult?

Build your perfect trick-or-treat bag and we will guess your age!

Your Result...

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Mistertelvison 8 months ago
No you didn't guess my age I am 72 years old
SusanWilkinson 19 months ago
70, I turned 63 yesterday. I also didn’t have some back then when I went out on Halloween.
Claude 19 months ago
Way Off! It said 40 but I turn 60 next week.
Douglas 19 months ago
got 50: close, I am 49! will be turning the big five-0 next month.
msallee462 19 months ago
You said I was 60 and you’re correct!😱👻☠️🎃
mjtn37122 19 months ago
It said 60.... And I just turned 60

I'm impressed!
moosecat 19 months ago
50!? I'm 23! How insulting haha!
Bad_Pizza 19 months ago
50?! 50?! What da ****** ?!!!!!!??? I FEEL LIKE MARTHA (from the Medicare commercial) RIGHT NOW BEING CRABBY, but I am not 50! I'm younger than that!
Tresix 19 months ago
Test age: 50. Real age: turned 62 today.
MaryHelen 19 months ago
right on practically-guesses 70 i'm 72 and i am thinking some of these candies did ot even exist when i was trick or treating!!!
Diane62 20 months ago
You guessed 25...that's less than half my age!!
RedSamRackham 20 months ago
* My Mom made a trick or treat bag for me from some fabric left over from homemade curtains. From age 6 to age 13 I used that bag every year!
fuzzytoelicker 20 months ago
guess 50, actually 54 - pretty good! #8 is a penny in your Unicef box and no candy
KawiVulc 20 months ago
50 - took 9 years off! For #8 I'd have said popcorn ball but that wasn't a choice!
retro6 KawiVulc 20 months ago
Same age, same years off! Oh I remember those popcorn balls! Yuk!
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