Can you answer these 1973 rock music questions?

The greatest year in rock music? You decide!

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There's an argument to be made about 1973 being the greatest year in rock music history. But we're not here to argue, we're here to give you a fun quiz!

It's time to pop in that eight-track, put on your best paisley shirt and let your sideburns grow out. Let's see how well you can recall the details from these records released in 1973. Maybe seeing the cover art will spark some memory or pique your interest for the first time. All these albums are worth a listen, whether you were there for their release or not. So whether you're topping your highest score or just here to learn, we hope you have a great time with this quiz about all the great rock music from 1973.

  1. While recording Aladdin Sane, what was the name of David Bowie's touring band?
  2. Here's the cover to Aerosmith's 1973 debut album. Who's their lead guitarist?
  3. Iggy & the Stooges were one of the most influential bands of the era. What was their '73 album called?
  4. Queen's underrated debut was released in 1973. Which of its songs is an instrumental?
  5. The Stones' 11th album, from '73, did NOT feature which of the following songs?
  6. In the eventual film adaptation of The Who's '73 release Quadrophenia, which singer played Ace Face?
  7. Can you name this album, the fifth by English heavy metal band Black Sabbath?
  8. Which member of ZZ Top (who released this album in '73) did NOT have a beard
  9. Shock rocker Alice Cooper released Billion Dollar Babies in '73. Which unexpected singer contributed to the title track?
  10. Can you name this 1973 release from prog rock greats Genesis?

Can you answer these 1973 rock music questions?

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