Can you complete the names of these bygone shopping mall businesses?

Fill in the blank with these defunct stores and food court joints.

We miss going to the mall. Sure, they're still around, but they are no longer the center of our social life. Growing up, we hung out at the mall. A lot. We met friends at the mall, we ate at the mall, we worked at the mall, we got Glamour Shots at the mall, we exercised at the mall.

Many of the stores and eateries from back in the day are no longer around. Some are going out of business as we write. Think you can remember the names of vintage mall stores? Try to fill in the blanks from our bygone shopping mall directory.

Good luck!
  1. Dress _______
  2. _. Dalton Booksellers
  3. Linens 'n _______
  4. Sharper _______
  5. Zany _______
  6. Lionel _______
  7. HiFi _______
  8. Egghead _______
  9. Kinney _______
  10. Miller's _______
  11. Circus _______
  12. ____boree
  13. The _______ Box
  14. Chess _______
  15. _. Riggins
  16. Hot _______ Pretzels
  17. Page _______ Maternity

Can you complete the names of these bygone shopping mall businesses?

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EricFuller 4 months ago
13/17. Chess King was the go-to place for sport jackets.
idkwut2use 4 months ago
You got 15 out of 17
When it comes to knowing malls, you're a real Egghead! Nice work!

Well, I've always been a big shopper. ;D Some of them I wasn't even sure had gone out of business, though. Sharper Image must've happened recently. There's...a Dress Barn in my local shopping center. And one I miss is Waldenbooks; used to go there whenever I saw one in a strip mall on a road trip. :'D
SheriHeffner 8 months ago
13 out of 17, I got the ones I never heard of wrong.
ETristanBooth 9 months ago
14/17. I knew most of these, except for 7, 8, and 17.
Lucyneenah19701 9 months ago
Back in the 80's, I bought a lot of Sweet Valley High books from B. Dalton Booksellers, or Waldenbooks, I forgot which one. They were both great stores! And I loved the Sweet Valley High books!
I practically lived in those two book stores as a youth in my teens and twenties.
JeffTanner 9 months ago
''You got 12 out of 17'' -----------Looks like you missed out on some of these sales. Better luck next time.
DawnGraham 9 months ago
Use to love going into Tinder box & sniffing all the good smelling tobacco, but hated when my dad smoked.
Barry22 9 months ago
13/17, some I never heard of.
anthony 9 months ago
15/17.A lot of lucky guesses,as a lot of these were regional and I have never heard of them.
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