Can you find the ONE show Ron Howard never appeared on?

Which show never featured the actor-turned-director?

Image: The Everett Collection

Because of his later success as a director, it’s easy to forget just how much Ron Howard was all over classic TV. He had beloved starring roles, of course, but also many memorable guest appearances on shows from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Below is a list of many of the shows Ron Howard appeared on. Can you find the one title that never featured him in any episodes?

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  1. Which of these shows did Ron Howard NOT appear in?

Can you find the ONE show Ron Howard never appeared on?

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dodgebob 15 days ago
I'm very good at getting them on the last
FLETCH 16 days ago
He was was NOT in Mork & Mindy! 1st try
MarkSpeck 19 days ago
Got it on one shot! I figured that Richie and Mork never hooked up again after the alien's first Happy Days appearance.
MikefromJersey 21 days ago
He was also on I Spy. Would it be fair to say Ron Howard had the greatest "kid" career
on TV of all time? I can't even imagine who would be runner up to him. Ron was also in
quite a few big movies. He was great in The Music Man, for example.
francolaguna1 21 days ago
Wow he never had a day off! Now that is a pro a true STAR!😎
keymiya6 22 days ago
Love some programming. Others not so much. U are a great station. Can u get "Grace Under Fire"? and Run it chronological?

That would be fabulous.
Jeffrey 24 days ago
He was NOT in Mork and Mindy! You found it! ----------Mork was on Happy Days but Richie was never on Mork and Mindy. It took me 5 tries to find it, but I finally did.
Runeshaper 24 days ago
That took a good amount of guesses LOL :)
Stoney 24 days ago
First time, and all I did was take a wild guess.
CaptainDunsel 25 days ago
First time. That doesn't happen often.
jimmyvici 25 days ago
Bombed that one royally. Yikes.
Geronimo 25 days ago
I was shocked he was not in Mork & Mindy! That show was a spin-off of Happy Days
UTZAAKE 26 days ago
Got it on the first attempt. Looked up & down list just once. Richie Cunningham was from the 1950s. Mork & Mindy took place in a contemporary setting without any flashbacks to 1950s Milwaukee and aired at a time when Ron Howard was ready to become a full-time director. Actually easy if you asked me.
cperrynaples UTZAAKE 26 days ago
Well let me explain how Fonzie & Laverne WERE on M&M! Mork had the ability to time travel so in order to get a huge audience from the premiere, Garry Marshall DID do a flashback where the Fonz arranged a blind date with Laverne! Also, Robin Williams made a return appearance on HD, so Ron worked with Robin TWICE! Hope that clears it up!
stephaniestavropoulos 26 days ago
Shazbat! It only took me 17 tries! But then again, I really didn't put my whole heart 'n' soul into discovering the answer!
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