Can you guess all these TV shows just from their distinct shoes?

Try to stay on your toes for this one.

Ready to walk a mile in classic TV's shoes? Get started with this quiz, which puts the best feet forward we ever saw on television.

Scroll through the images below and see if you're a shoe-in to win this one, or if some of these references find you shakin' in your shoes. Good luck!
  1. Pick the classic family sitcom featured these shoes in its opening credits:
  2. These fuzzy feet belong to which Kids' Choice Award-winning show?
  3. This cool dude donned waterskis for a classic episode of which sitcom?
  4. These knee-high boots were the signature shoe of which show's star?
  5. It was often we saw the star of this sitcom lose his legs from under him:
  6. The opening sequence of this hit sitcom featured this game of footsie:
  7. The kids in which family sitcom noticeably sported groovy sneakers?
  8. This TV detective may have scuffed-up brown shoes, but he was no slouch when it came to solving crimes:
  9. For cryin' out loud, fans of which sitcom better recognize these shoes?
  10. Last question. These boots belong to the robot on which sci-fi show?
Can you guess all these TV shows just from their distinct shoes?

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