Can you guess the classic TV show from its lunch box artwork?

Try not to get stuck! Thermos of Tang not included.

Image: Serious Toyz

No need to pack a lunch — this quiz should be a quicky. We've gathered some of our favorite vintage lunch box images from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. All of them advertise a popular TV show.

You might be surprised at the range of dramas that kids would carry to school back in the day!

See if you can guess all 10 from the artwork! Good luck!

  1. Take a dive and guess this cartoon clan.
    Image: Etsy
  2. This big family seems to be in a big predicament.
    Image: Etsy
  3. This animal lover is in the Smithsonian.
    Image: National Museum of American History
  4. This metal lunch box could take a kicking.

  5. Perfect for carrying small bites.
  6. Perfect for carrying a first aid kit.
  7. The two cops handled all kinds of situations — including a kid stuck in a fence.
    Image: Serious Toyz
  8. Perfect for carrying bananas.
  9. It would preserve your food, but your food would not "live forever."
    Image: ebay
  10. James Arness starred in this Western.

Can you guess the classic TV show from its lunch box artwork?

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Mike 5 months ago
10 of 10. Had to read the last one carefully. Realized that was not the cast of Gunsmoke.
djw1120 5 months ago
9 out of 10
The only problem is that while James Arness stared in "How The West Was Won" he also starred in "Gunsmoke" as well.
MeTV, how do we score this one?
denny djw1120 5 months ago
Arness didn't wear a mustache in Gunsmoke, plus his hair was longer and there are no other stars from Gunsmoke on the lunchbox.
Diz 5 months ago
I started 1st grade in 1962 with a barnyard lunchbox. Somewhere along the way it got lost or trashed. About 25 years ago I found one in mint condition (including the thermos) for $85 in a collector shop. I had to go for it, just for the remind factor.
Lacey 5 months ago
I HAD the Emergency lunch box. I loved that show.
Hollie 5 months ago
9/10 never heard of 8...i had a couple of these , i remember i had a flintstone and a beverly hillbillies , broke the thermos within a week on all of them grade 1-5
JeffBaker 5 months ago
I remember some of these! Me, I had a Peanuts one. (What? No Krofft Supershow? :D )
djw1120 JeffBaker 5 months ago
"Kroft Supershow" isn't worth it anyway.
msglenn 6 months ago
9 out of 10, never even heard of the chimp show in #9.
franthonyb 6 months ago
I never had a lunch box as a kid. We used brown bags. I brought a Munsters box as an adult just to possess one.
MeAgain65 6 months ago
Missed a couple, if it hadn't been for the clues I would have missed Fame .
Reno 6 months ago
I had the Adam-12 lunchbox! Lol
MrBill 6 months ago
9/10; the last one fooled me - I was thinking Gunsmoke.
jpdirisio13 MrBill 6 months ago
Oooooooh! Nooooooo! Mr. Bill. The last one got me too!
It was tricky (that's the point), but Matt Dillon never had a mustache.
djw1120 JDnHuntsvilleAL 5 months ago
That's what threw me too.
I knew he was in "Gunsmoke", but I didn't know he was in "How The West Was Won".
JERRY6 6 months ago
9 out of 10 they got me with the apes
jholton30062 6 months ago
9/10 - Missed the last one, but knew it wasn't "Gunsmoke."

My brothers had "Batman" lunchboxes; I went with "James Bond."
eyegor 6 months ago
10/10. I miss my old "Land of the Giants" lunch box and my "ADAM-12" lunch box. Those were the days!
KathyDahill 6 months ago
In 69 when I started 1st grade, I had the Flying Nun lunchbox and I remember having a Peanuts one, too. Wish I still had them
kkvegas KathyDahill 6 months ago
I started first grade in 1969 too! And I also had a Peanuts lunch box.
boogerdogger kkvegas 6 months ago
I had a paper sack!
Tlor 6 months ago
9/10 only because I knew it was Land of the Giants and hit Land for the Lost, rats
Tlor Tlor 6 months ago
I had a cool Annie Oakley lunchbox I sold on Ebay a few months ago :-)
HopeDuchaine 6 months ago
8/10. I wasn't paying attention to the clues. So True
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