Can you guess the decade from these vintage camera ads?

Be absolutely "aper-sure" of each answer.


Image: Kodak, Fujifilm

Cameras have changed dramatically over the last sixty years. It used to be a luxury just to have sound and video recorded together. Nowadays, cameras can go almost anywhere and do almost anything – and capture it all in high definition!

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at camera advertisements from years past. Can you properly place each ad in the right decade?

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  1. Bell & Howell/Canon Dial 35
    Image: Bell & Howell/Canon
  2. Kodak Ektasound
    Image: Kodak
  3. Minolta Weathermatic-A
    Image: Minolta
  4. Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera
    Image: Kodak
  5. Kodak Ektramax
    Image: Kodak
  6. Nikon Nikkor Telephoto Lens
    Image: Nikon
  7. Canon T90 SLR
    Image: Canon
  8. The Handle from Kodak
    Image: Kodak
  9. Fairchild Cinephonic 8mm Movie Camera
    Image: Fairchild
  10. Sony Handycam
    Image: Sony
  11. Kodak Colorburst 250
    Image: Kodak
  12. Kodak Electric 8 Zoom Camera
    Image: Kodak
  13. Fuji Quicksnap
    Image: Fujifilm
  14. Polaroid SX-70
    Image: Polaroid
  15. Canon Accu-Vision
    Image: Canon
  16. Wollensak Power Zoom 8
    Image: Wollensak
  17. RCA SelectaVision CCO30 Camera
    Image: RCA

Can you guess the decade from these vintage camera ads?

Your Result...

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sputnik_57 10 months ago
10/17 most of these cameras I never heard of. I had a 126 film cartridge camera "instamatic" in the '70's...a 35mm SLR in the '80's-'90's... and a digital movie and still camera today.
PulsarStargrave 20 months ago
13/17 Not bad, I Guessed the clunkier ones were from the 60s!
DerekBird 38 months ago
You got 17 out of 17
You really know your cameras.
biscuits18521 49 months ago
8/17 - and I'm surprised I got that number right even though it's not a very good score, lol.
JHP biscuits18521 47 months ago
am in your club - 8\17 Orwell
kimmer 49 months ago
12/17....was not a family to take pics or films. Now that's a big many missed moments.
TheDavBow3 52 months ago
13/17. Looking at styles more than the cameras.
Hunter 52 months ago
9 our of 17 I'm blind📷📸⚡
janet0312 53 months ago
You got 14 out of 17
You really know your cameras.

No, I really don't. I chose the year by the clothes and hairstyles of the people in the ads, those that had them.
TheDavBow3 janet0312 52 months ago
Yeah, me too.
Barry22 53 months ago
14/17, and guessed. back in the 60's my Dad had a movie camera, and thought he was Cecil DeMille. Even had a little editing machine. I have them on DVD now, but they're still terrible.
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