Can you guess the sitcom from one bad date description?

From awkward first dates to seeing stars, love was NOT in the air.

What's a sitcom without poking a little fun at love? From awkward experiences on first dates to celebrity crushes, not to mention all those unfortunate romances that threatened perfectly good friendships, on classic sitcoms, it seemed more often than not, love was NOT in the air. And that led to laughter.

So that's why we think you can probably tell a sitcom from the romantic situation its stars find themselves in. Test your love detector with these 10 questions below, and see how many awful dates you can get right!
  1. This sitcom star's first date is at the school where he took dance lessons, but his partner promises away all her dances.
  2. This classic series kicks off with a disastrous double first date that ends in a laundry room.
  3. A young girl learns a lesson about appearances when she makes two dates for one night with a nerd and a popular boy.
  4. Two coworkers who eventually wed dare each other to find the other person’s perfect date.
  5. The show’s star stows away in the backseat when the daughter is on a date at the drive-in.
  6. This hilarious best friend duo gets in a rare tiff when one rejects, then accepts a date with the other’s cousin.
  7. This sitcom kid wins a date with the movie star Cindy Shea to a school dance, causing his girlfriend to break up with him.
  8. Who takes a photo with a movie star, then makes a real date with her, upsetting his girlfriend twice?
  9. It surprised everyone when the famously single star of this show asked her boss on a date.
  10. Which WKRP in Cincinnati character goes out on a date with a listener, then lets her move in the next day?
Can you guess the sitcom from one bad date description?

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gcem73 6 months ago
Uh, Jethro's last name is Bodine, not Clampett. By the way, got 9/10. Missed the last one.
anthony 6 months ago
3/10/.Wow,was I even awake during this quiz?
Barry22 6 months ago
8/10, and guessed on a few.
Stephen 6 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
At least love is in the air when it comes to your score!
MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
5/10 I didn't understand the Cheers question.
Yes, Sam and Diane were NEVER married! A ceremony happened at the end of season 5, but Diane changed her mind!
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