Can you guess what decade these vintage spring fashion ads are from?

Can you dig these hip threads?

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, spring is finally here! No more sweaters and coats — it's time for colorful dresses, green bellbottoms, and neckties with bugs on them! At least, according to these vintage ads.

We've collected spring fashions from the 1950s through the '80s.

Can you tell which decade each ad is from?

  1. These colorful outfits are from the...
    Image: Aldens
  2. These Care Bear clothes must be from the...
    Image: Dobie
  3. What decade are these green outfits from?
    Image: Levi's
  4. Can you tell when this ad came out?
    Image: Riegel
  5. This fun fashion is from the...
    Image: K-Mart
  6. Is this a clothing ad or an album cover? Either way, it's from the...
    Image: H.I.S.
  7. This sportswear is from the...
    Image: Sears
  8. These bomb threads are from the...
  9. Nothing says baseball like a... polo shirt? This ad is from the...
    Image: Hanes
  10. Can you tell when this ad is from?
    Image: McGregor
  11. This groovy ad is from the...
    Image: Galey & Lord
  12. Nothing says spring like bugs on your tie! This ad is from the...
    Image: Manhattan

Can you guess what decade these vintage spring fashion ads are from?

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Dajj 17 days ago
5/12 ouch! I’m just happy to wear my exciting Duluth workwear! LOL !!
stagebandman 18 days ago
Realizing that Black people were not allowed in any ads before the 70s helps...unfortunately.
Muleskinner 19 days ago
6/12. I was always one decade off. 🥵
CouchPotato987 19 days ago
A few of the ads from the 50’s and 60’s looked a lot a like. They were hard to tell the difference, especially the bug ties ad.
Greg 19 days ago
12/12 If the colors hurt your eyes & cause a gag reflex it's the 70s.
JERRY6 19 days ago
11 of 12 no slack , but i cheated my wife gave me the answers , i would not no 1870 from 1970 in fashion
ScoobyDoo169 20 days ago
I did pretty good, I got a 10/12. I wish fashions from back then would come back. I like all the groovy, bright, happy neon colors. A lot of people don't like that much color in outfits or really anything anymore but I like to pop and stand out.
vinman63 20 days ago
I’ll take June Cleaver and her pearls any day.
JeffPaul76 21 days ago
''You got 6 out of 12'' ---You didn't slack on this quiz. Great job! Not really. I got half right and half wrong. Terrible for me.
idkwut2use 21 days ago
10/12–and would absolutely rock the looks in #1, #5, & #3!!! Maybe the middle one in 7. xD
jimmyvici 21 days ago
Did I just seriously read that that disaster of an outfit in question 8 were described as bomb threads? 🤢. Is anyone else feeling like I do? Lmaoooo
Yeah, really! What the hell were we thinkin' back then!
a1k9 22 days ago
3/12 I guess that I didn’t pay attention to my clothes. I hate to admit it,but I am 66 years old. I really thought that I would of aced this one.This is that worst that I have ever done on one of these quizzes.
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