Can you guess what TV show Lucy is on now?

It's time to prove just how much you love Lucy.

Do you love Lucy? Prove it!

Below, we've taken scenes from Lucille Ball's hit shows - I Love Lucy, Here's Lucy and The Lucy Show - and mixed them up with rare Lucy guest appearances on other classic shows to see if you can guess: What show is Lucy on now?

To make it a little harder, we turned all of Lucy's hit show scenes into black and white, just like her original show that won our hearts in the first place. All the other scenes will be in true color, just like you watched them on TV.

True Lucy fans will know what show she's on in an instant, but everyone else will have to look for clues. Good luck!
  1. In this classic episode, Lucy has to be carried off-camera after a TV commercial shoot goes awry. Can you guess which show Lucy's on?
  2. That’s TV comedian Danny Thomas with Lucy and Ricky here, but is he appearing on I Love Lucy or is Lucy on The Danny Thomas Show?
  3. That’s Carol Burnett with Lucy here, but is Carol on The Lucy Show or is Lucy on Carol Burnett and Friends?
  4. On which of her shows did Lucy dress up as Superman, as seen here?
  5. Vivian Vance dropped by to visit every Lucille Ball set. Which of Lucy's shows featured this emotional airport reunion scene?
  6. Here's Lucy dressed up as a statue for a funny closing scene of a memorable episode from which of her shows?
  7. Here's Lucy and Carol Burnett, together again, but are they singing and dancing on Carol Burnett and Friends or The Lucy Show?
  8. Here's another reunion between Lucy and Vivian Vance, this time at Lucy's home on which show?
  9. It was always a delight to see Lucy and Carol Burnett back together onscreen, even incognito. This one's a tough one. Are they appearing in costume on Carol Burnett and Friends or Here's Lucy?
  10. Last question: In one of Lucy's hit shows, there's an exciting airport chase scene that sees Lucy riding down the baggage claim carousel. Which show did it happen on?

Can you guess what TV show Lucy is on now?

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jerseyguy2468 48 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
She may be dressed as Superman, but you're the Lucy superfan!
DouglasMorris 63 months ago
7/10! missed the last three. # 8, #9,and #10 did me in.
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