Can you identify these TV shows from their wallpaper patterns alone?

Who's hiding behind damask?

Television — it sure beats watching paint dry! Especially those sitcoms of the '60s, '70s and '80s. They had charm; they had wit; they especially had style. 

In fact, those who love a retro look can find all sorts of interior design ideas from the groovy sets of classic shows. No television home from that era was complete without bold wallpaper patterns.

You stared at these wallpapers countless times, as the patterns stood behind your favorite actors in episode after episode. Now let's see if you can recognize the show without the actors. Or the furniture. Or anything else.

Good luck! A true TV expert can get more than 7 correct.
  1. This bold kitchen wallpaper put the "Aaaayyyy" in "plaid."
  2. This pink pattern popped off the wall of the girls' bedroom in which sitcom?
  3. It took a really rich man to cover his walls of his parlor in this damask paper.
  4. Which all-American family had this in their living room?
  5. This '70s sitcom had several groovy wallpapers, in the kitchen (left) and office (right).
  6. This pattern gave a homey feel to the living room on…?
  7. Which roommate had this pattern all over their apartment?
  8. It was always sunny in the kitchen here, somewhat thanks to this yellow wallpaper.
  9. This loud pattern was in the bedroom of one loud couple.
  10. This nostalgic show tried to recapture the look of the 1970s. As you can tell, it succeeded.
Can you identify these TV shows from their wallpaper patterns alone?

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