Can you match M*A*S*H characters to the last things they said on the show?

"Goodbye, Farewell, and… cold showers?"

We're not going to lie — we teared up a bit making this quiz. The brilliance of M*A*S*H can be felt most profoundly in its goodbyes. There's a good reason why the final episode, "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen," remains the most-watched series finale of all time. It's simply the greatest ever made, at least the most emotionally satisfying.

Every time a character said goodbye to the 4077th it was either a gut-punch or a burst of love. Sometimes both.

A good chunk of the cast said goodbye in that finale, but other beloved actors left the series in prior seasons. Their final lines were touching, funny and perfectly suited to their characters. Just like everything about M*A*S*H.

Try to match M*A*S*H characters to their final lines!

  1. He said, "Goodbye, everybody! I'll pray for you."
  2. He said, "I'll see you back in the States. I promise. Just in case, I left you a note."
  3. This character said, "I had to pretend I was mad at you, but... inside, I was laughing to beat all hell. …I better get out of here."
  4. This character warned, "You behave yourself or I'm going to come back and kick your butt."
  5. This character had a memorable kiss-off with the line: "Yeah, uh… See ya."
  6. This character said, "I dunno. Just felt like grabbing a cold shower."
  7. This character said, "Ottumwa, Iowa. I'm ready. Let's go."
  8. This character said farewell with, "What better way to leave a garbage dump! Gentleman…"
  9. This character said one single word: "What?" It also happened to be the last line of the series.
  10. This character said, "Me, too, captain. Sure glad you're feeling okay now. …Goodbye, sir."
  11. This character said, "Radar, put a mask on!"
  12. This character said, "I'm taking my hometown home! C'mon! …I got it! Honolulu!"
Can you match M*A*S*H characters to the last things they said on the show?

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Wiseguy 8 days ago
" It's simply the greatest ever made..."
Uh, no. Maybe the LONGEST ever made.
john 9 days ago
This was the most insulting show on TV. Denigrating the military institutions that allowed those mooks to spout their liberal screed.
Jhh john 6 days ago
I thought Edward Winter (loved the guy on this show) had Passed...
Jhh john 3 days ago
you belong with your name
anthony 11 days ago
On this 12 question quiz I got 10/11.Which means I got 2 wrong.#5 and #11.
Jan 12 days ago
I so enjoyed this show: having been on throughout the Vietnam War days! It helped us all understand our what our boys were experiencing.
C1G0S5 12 days ago
Does this mean you're airing the finale soon??? Please do! And please advertise it heavily ahead of time, I dont want to miss it!
MrsPhilHarris C1G0S5 12 days ago
I doubt they show it because it's 2 hours long. I guess the could show it over 2 evenings.
Wiseguy MrsPhilHarris 8 days ago
2-1/2 hours.
coreycocoa 12 days ago
They spelled Ottumwa wrong!! Its an O not a U!
JLTitus72 coreycocoa 11 days ago
Thank you! I was just getting ready to type that.
JeffreyLMiller 12 days ago
I have never missed a trivia question about Mash ever and I never will I know every episode verbatim. I know that sounds crazy I'm just really into the show.
Glenn 12 days ago
8 of 11 or 12?
MeTv shows the episodes in order but they keep skipping the final episode and start over at S01, E01. Are they saving that episode for the final showing of the reruns?
Idkhbtfm Glenn 11 days ago
Usually they don't play the last episode, I'm not exactly sure the reasons why, maybe it's just to make it so that the last episode feels more special, I don't know. I do know however that they play it every few years, I believe the last time they played it was in 2015.
Wiseguy Glenn 8 days ago
They may not have the rights to show it or to show it as often as the whole series. They may not want to break it up into a 5-parter (or 2-1/2 parter). Any number of reasons.
Coos 12 days ago
11 out of 11. Im not sure how that computs when i got 1 wrong. Franks last line of course. I thought it was "goodbye Margaret" when she left for her honeymoon.
teire Coos 12 days ago
I also thought that was his last line. Guess it’s possible the versions we see in reruns are missing the end tags. Good bye Margaret is more poignant, so that’s how I’m going to choose to remember it.
djw1120 teire 12 days ago
The problem is "Good-bye Margaret" was NOT Frank's last words.
Corey Coos 12 days ago
It should have been the ending but it was because of syndication.
Wiseguy Coos 8 days ago
You're thinking of the end of act 2. There was the usual tag following where Frank says he's gonna take a cold shower and Hawkeye and B.J. eventually go too.
Joe 13 days ago
I took the entire quiz, but strangely, this time I didn't receive a score at the end. But, I got all twelve correct! For proof, here my answers but not in the order that they appeared, so to avoid being a spoiler.
stephaniestavropoulos 13 days ago
9/11. In honor of my getting only two wrong, I'm buying a couple of rounds over at Rosie's!
cperrynaples 13 days ago
8/12, allthough they say 8/11! Missed 3, 5, 6, and 10!
richardkel cperrynaples 13 days ago
Yes. I got 11/12 (missed#5), but the score read 11/11.
teire richardkel 12 days ago
Mine too, it said 11/11 but I actually got 11/12. Missed the cold shower.
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