Can you I.D. television's greatest spies while they go undercover on MeTV?

Can you spy with your little eye which secret agent is in the picture?

In order to be a good spy, one of the top job qualifications is to be able to sneak into any area, complete your mission, and exit without a trace of being there. The television secret agents that pervaded airwaves in the '60s and '70's gave excellent examples of this. With teams that could infiltrate enemy camps, banks, shipyards and more, it's clear that television writers weren't messing around when it came to spy dramas. 


However, many of the world's favorite secret agent performed similar missions on more than their own television shows. Some of them applied this same sneaky technique when they made special appearances on other programs, particularly MeTV shows that you can still watch now!

We're curious to see if you've kept a close eye on your screen; can you I.D. television's greatest spies while they go undercover on MeTV?

Your mission is clear. Good luck, agent!

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  1. This spy makes multiple appearances on Columbo, playing a doctor, an investigator, and even an innocent bystander, depending on the episode you watch.
  2. This spy makes an appearance on Gunsmoke in season 3; in this episode, a powerful landowner threatens to wipe out Dodge when his daughter falls in love with the son of his archenemy. Matt has to find a way to stop it.
  3. This spy plays a recurring character on Barnaby Jones, a widowed daughter-in-law of the title character.
  4. This spy makes an appearance on Wonder Woman; during this episode, Wonder Woman poses as a bank robber to capture the world's most notorious thief.
  5. This spy makes an appearance on The Love Boat multiple times throughout the series, but made his initial appearance as Donald Richardson in the TV movie.
  6. This spy makes an appearance on Rawhide during season 3; there's a new drover who has spent the past five years in an Army hospital and is addicted to morphine.
  7. This spy makes an appearance on Perry Mason during season 7; Frenchman Phillipe falls for a married woman, taking her away from a violently abusive husband. When the ex-husband dies piloting his airplane, Phillipe is blamed for drugging him.
  8. This spy makes an appearance on Wagon Train in season 4; one murder begets a second murder while a treacherous journey awaits the wagon train. Now there may be a renegade and murderer in their midst, a situation Adams must resolve before continuing.
Can you I.D. television's greatest spies while they go undercover on MeTV?

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MaryHelen 4 days ago
8/8 correct! where's my score???
Geronimo 8 days ago
In Question #6, that doesn't look like Robert Culp🤔
EllisClevenger 8 days ago
You got 8 out of 8
Nicely done! You have a keen eye for spies!
WilliamKDaigle 8 days ago
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Runeshaper 11 days ago
You got 5 out of 8
You definitely can sense when something's amiss; good guessing!
JeffTanner 14 days ago
''You got 8 out of 8'' -------------Nicely done! You have a keen eye for spies!
ELEANOR 14 days ago
#6 -- That person DOES NOT look like Robert Culp!! His face is too fat!!
JeffTanner ELEANOR 14 days ago
That's because he's bending over, which makes the fat and fluids collect in his cheeks. Gravity, you know.
The reason it doesn't even remotely resemble Robert Culp, is I feel strongly that it isn't. It looks to me like Stuart Whitman.
ndebrabant 16 days ago

You got 8 out of 8
Nicely done! You have a keen eye for spies!
anthony 16 days ago
7/8.Missed #6.Figured it was Robert Culp,but didn't think they would use him twice.
Hazel anthony 15 days ago
Corey 16 days ago
Why are you putting Michael Landon Jr as an answer? He barely act and was mainly a director unlike his famous father.
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anthony cperrynaples 15 days ago
Yes I guess you can say that,but I believe Landon actually legally had his name changed before any of his kids were born.
What I think METV should do, is compile a couple of quizzes where mistakes are running amuck, as they so often do, [so do Jeannie's by the way, according to Major Healey!] And have playing, for our listening enjoyment, "One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other," from Sesame Street and see how many mistakes we can find before the song finishes. Or: forget a couple of quizzes, they could compile a CD-ROM of their quizzes {w/song.} It might become a bestseller. It will let more folks in on what we long suffering [but enjoying them, none the less,] quizz takers go through every M-F. Better yet, create a game show around them {with "One Of These Things as its theme,} and add it to ABC's summer game show line up!
Lee Meriweather WAS a spy. When Barbara Baines left during/after season 4, Lee stepped in and took her place. She was in 6 MI episodes playing the character Tracey. Then, Desilu hired Lesley Ann Warren to portray the spy Dana.
CaptainDunsel lnieting 14 days ago
Yes, it really does look like Whitman.
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