Can you match the groovy 1970s uniform to the correct fast food chain?

Polyester and stripes everywhere!

Fast food restaurants were much more colorful inside in the 1970s. Well, assuming those colors were brown, orange and yellow — with the occasional blue.

The employees dressed in far more extravagant uniforms, too. Stripes, straps and floppy caps abounded. All polyester, naturally. Or, well, unnaturally. 

If you wore one, you definitely remember it. If you ate at these popular chains, or even just saw the commercials, you might remember them, as well. Put your fast food memory to the test! See how many you can guess!
  1. At this chain, employees truly earned their stripes. And overalls. And floppy cap.
  2. Baby-blue paper caps topped the cool colors of this uniform.
  3. Frosty blue and white stripes popped off the shirt and golf cap at this chain.
  4. Big, brown bonnets with a colorful border topped these busy uniforms.
  5. Orange and yellow were sure to jump out and grab your attention.
  6. Brown and yellow color blocking with a fat, orange fly collar. Now that is a look.
  7. The logo back then looked more like an orange X. Dig the mod spoon-neck uniform in orange, too.
  8. With a checkered gingham look, bonnet and straps, these women looked ready to cater a picnic.
  9. The corporate colors may have been green and yellow, but they wore these bold outfits in the kitchen.
  10. Eve Plumb of the Brady Bunch appeared in one of their commercials in the '70s and wore an outfit like this.

Can you match the groovy 1970s uniform to the correct fast food chain?

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RedSamRackham 9 months ago
* When I worked at Arby's we wore chef uniforms!
Nightshade1972 12 months ago
7/10. Never heard of Burger Chef, or Hardees, until I was an adult (I'm 51 now), and I never recall seeing McDonald's employees in light blue uniforms.
Dario Nightshade1972 12 months ago
Here in Southern California, Hardee's is better known by its original name of Carl's Jr.
sandman 49 months ago
3/10. But I bet they didn’t have to do a 16k march with rucksack and rifle!
SheriHeffner 66 months ago
9 out of 10, I missed number 9. I recognized Hardees because they have old photos in their restaurants.
MrBill 66 months ago
5/10; I am surprised I did this well. I had to guess on all of these. I never paid much attention to the uniforms.
BarbaraJeanne 66 months ago
You got 6 out of 10 -Well, you did not score well, but look at the glass as half-full, not half-empty. Besides, you get free refills.
Not in the 70's you didn't! We used to have to charge for refills on everything but cof. Then they started giving refills on iced tea.
I worked at Roy Rogers, their uniforms weren't bad, & we got to wear pants if I remember correctly.
Also worked at Friendly's, which was a full serve restaurant. But they win the prize for worst uniform-EVER. Blue & white hounds-tooth check that made you dizzy & nauseous to look at. 100% polyester. And a dress. Just miserable.
AgingDisgracefully 66 months ago
Burger King lied!
Special orders DID upset them.
* McDonald's worse with special orders!
BuckRogers 66 months ago
Companies that are still around (McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.) should not relegate their old commercials to YouTube, but buy advertising space on MeTV, H&I, etc., and play those old commercials. They do not have to show special/seasonal products that are no longer available but just their generic commercials, like the McDonald’s commercial showing the McDonald’s crew dancing and singing about the cleanliness of the restaurant. Get the idea? I would love to see the companies grow a set and show those old commercials. Make it happen!
pumkinheadfan BuckRogers 66 months ago
TV Land use to do that when the channel first started in the late 90's...They were "Retromercials"
Barry22 66 months ago
5/10, and mostly guessed, badly.
cperrynaples 66 months ago
8/10! Looked at the background and remembered what these places looked like! Ate at most of 'em too!
LeeHarper 66 months ago
6/10 It's tough if you don't eat junk that often.
MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
3/10 We didn't have some of those where I grew up. Is that really Jan Brady?
jvf MrsPhilHarris 66 months ago
No, that's not Eve Plumb (Jan). The way it's worded makes it sound like it, but she did another commercial Burger Chef commercial. See this link from another MeTV article
SheriHeffner jvf 66 months ago
That's what it said, Eve Plumb was in one of their commercials. Just not in this one.
AllisonWunderland 66 months ago
Those uniforms we're really "groovy" weren't they? Lol
Lantern 67 months ago
The problem with this quiz is that some of the fast food places are/were regional. For example, I'm not familiar with Burger Chef, White Castle, and Rax,
anthony Lantern 66 months ago
How did you get through life without having a White Castle Hamburger?😋
jvf anthony 66 months ago
Sadly, I never had one either. I live in the northeast of the U.S.
daDoctah Lantern 66 months ago
And out here in the West, we didn't have Hardee's, White Castle, or Krispy Kreme. Which is how I scored a whopping 3/10.
SheriHeffner anthony 66 months ago
We never had White castle here in North Carolina either.
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