Can you match these classic TV characters to the right college?

Do you remember where Richie Cunningham and John-Boy Walton went to school?

Many classic shows portray kids in high school so it's only natural many shows depict, or at least mention, college. We've asked you to match TV high schools to the right series — but now it's time to graduate!

Try to match these characters from classic television with the college they attended. Don’t worry, this won't count towards your final grade.

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  1. In 'The Waltons' John-Boy goes to...
  2. Where did Oliver Wendell Douglas from 'Green Acres' go to law school?
  3. In 'Star Trek' Captain James T. Kirk went to...
  4. Where does Wally decide to go to college in 'Leave it to Beaver'?
  5. In 'M*A*S*H' Colonel Henry Blake often wears memorabilia from his alma mater...
  6. In 'A Different World' Denise Huxtable goes to...
  7. Richie Cunningham from 'Happy Days' goes to...
  8. In 'Coach' Craig T. Nelson and Jerry Van Dyke played coaches at which school?
  9. In 'The Beverly Hillbillies' Jethro attended which school for one day?
  10. 'Saved by the Bell: The College Years' takes place at...
  11. Dobie and friends attend which school in 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis'?
  12. The girls from 'The Facts of Life' go to...

Can you match these classic TV characters to the right college?

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7 months ago
Oy yoy yoy! 4 out of 12!
Marshall_Kolchak 7 months ago
6/12 i learned i'm not college material.
UTZAAKE 7 months ago
11/12. #11 brought me to my knees.
5. Colonel Henry Blake played by McLean Stevenson who actually graduated from Northwestern University.
Gitch64 8 months ago
9-12 not bad for all guesses
TheDavBow3 8 months ago
Man, 6/12. I think I went to school with Jethro 😉😋
harlow1313 TheDavBow3 8 months ago
Let's see you prove it by doing some cyphering.
TheDavBow3 harlow1313 8 months ago
The cypherin' part is a might puzzlin'. But Granny says I'm right powerfull when it comes to guzzentas. I'm already up to figurin' 3 guzzenta 30 nine, I mean, ten times! 🤔 That 6th grade schoolin' is payin' off 😊👍
justjeff 8 months ago
7/12. I confess I was not really into this quiz, so I simply guessed most of my way through it...
Katzi 8 months ago
8/12 (The fact that I've seen a couple of the programs so many times helped! )
AllisonWunderland 8 months ago
8/12...👏 I'm lucky I did that well 😂
frenchman71 8 months ago
Not too good. 7/12. They should have a quiz on the towns where people are on MASH. Radar is from Ottumwa, Iowa.
There is a quiz exactly as you described, It was downloaded on 1/26/2021.
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