Can you match these IRS agents to the right show?

They were never the most popular guest stars, but they made for some great scenes in sitcoms, Westerns and anthology shows.

 CBS Television Distribution/Genesis International

The best shows reflect life in dramatic, unusual or hilarious ways. They show the world we know, the good and the bad, just with a few entertaining tweaks. Sometimes the bad parts of life, like paying taxes, make for the best scenes!

Plenty of classic shows represented the Internal Revenue Service onscreen. Sometimes they leaned into the stereotype of an exacting tax collector while many sitcoms subverted that trope to hilarious affect. Winning a large amount of money then immediately getting hit with a tax bill was another gag seen in numerous programs.

Here are IRS agents, assessors and tax professionals of all sorts from some of our favorite classic shows. Can you guess which show each image is from?

  1. This tax man didn't receive a very warm welcome in...
     CBS Television Distribution
  2. This visit from the IRS seemed like a joke at first on...
     Genesis International
  3. Before M*A*S*H, William Christopher played an IRS agent in...
     CBS Television Distribution
  4. This tax professional broke the fourth wall in...
     MGM Television
  5. This agent came to collect taxes on money that was literally falling from the sky in...
     Sony Pictures Television
  6. All this IRS man needed was a signature in...
     CBS Television Distribution
  7. This agent had surprisingly good news in...
     CBS Television Distribution
  8. This man had the unenviable task of collecting taxes in...
     CBS Television Distribution
  9. This tax assessor gets mixed up in a crime on which show?
     CBS Television Distribution
  10. He worked at the "Bureau of Internal Revenue" protected by agents from which show?
     CBS Television Distribution
  11. This mountain of money was more like a molehill after a visit from this tax man in...
     CBS Television Distribution

Can you match these IRS agents to the right show?

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DoctorSavage 9 days ago
10/11 Guess I know how to recognize people coming for my money
HansShultz1 2 months ago
I gaht 11/11. I vatch lahts uff tv . It has been slow, since zee prisoners left.
cinamac 2 months ago
Why, on so many of the questions, do they include a picture of one the popular characters on the show?!? It’s a dead giveaway! I did get Perry Mason right, though, because, as I have previously stated, I have a sixth sense when it comes to anything the irresistibly handsome Raymond Burr is in!!!
AH76 2 months ago
I was 9/11 but some of them were easy.
MeFanFromSavan 2 months ago
8/11 Knew most, missed all my guesses.
DoctorSavage 2 months ago
8 /11 just watched half of these in last few days on MeTV
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