Can you match these rabbits and bunny costumes to the right TV shows?

See if you can hop through this quiz without missing a single one!

Whether a person in a costume, a real animal or a person in a costume playing an animal – rabbits appeared in classic TV more than you might think. Someone having to wear a silly bunny outfit happened not only on sitcoms but even Westerns!

Take a look at these TV bunnies. Can you guess which show each one is from?

  1. This "bunny" appeared in a dream sequence on which show?
  2. This hilarious bunny costume moment happened on...
  3. Even Westerns had people dress up like the Easter Bunny! This scene is from...
  4. This actual bunny is from an episode of which sci fi show?
  5. This bunny lawyer is from a sketch on which show?
  6. Carol Wayne played a "cocktail bunny" in which show?
  7. This well-dressed rabbit appeared in...
  8. Which kids show was this bespectacled bunny rabbit on?
  9. A character was stuck in this unfortunate bunny costume on...
  10. Speaking of which, what show is this scene from?

Can you match these rabbits and bunny costumes to the right TV shows?

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ETristanBooth 5 months ago
9/10. Missed #3 as I don't watch westerns.
Chakkuri 6 months ago
8/10. Since when was the Easter Bunny on Star Trek? Lol
Mirramanee Chakkuri 6 months ago
It appeared on the episode called "Shore Leave", which was about a planet that actually could hear what you talked about and read your mind and then manufactured it underground. The items or people or creatures would then actually really appear to the person who had imagined it. The rabbit appeared to Dr. McCoy when he mentioned the planet looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Actually, he saw Alice first, then followed the Rabbit.
CaptainDunsel Mirramanee 6 months ago
Nope. Rabbit first.
Alice: "Excuse me sir. Have you seen a rather large white rabbit with a yellow waistcoat and white gloves hereabouts?"
McCoy : [silently points the direction the rabbit hopped off]
Beatseeker 6 months ago
got 5/10... all my guesses were wrong!
Lacey 6 months ago
8/10. I should have gotten #5.
CountStone62 6 months ago
Can't believe that I got all of them right.
robyni23 6 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
Did you know all these TV bunnies?
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