Can you name all these cartoon cats?

Do your best to avoid making Sylvester say, "Sufferin' Succotash!"

Do you have purr-fect recall for the most famous cartoon cats in TV history?

Try feline out the right answers to identify 14 mousers kids watched from the earliest days of cartoons through the 1990s. Good luck!
  1. Between 1940 and 1958, Hanna-Barbera produced 114 shorts featuring this famous feline:
  2. This cat crept in with the silent film era, but his popularity outlasted the 1920s:
  3. This dumpster-diving cat got his own 1980s cartoon off the success of his popular comic:
  4. On Garfield and Friends, this kitten was more of a nuisance to the guy who hates Mondays:
    Image: 9 Story Media Group
  5. This dim-witted house cat dealt with the short fuse of his co-star in the 1990s:
  6. Sixties kids know this cartoon cat as T.C., but what's it stand for?
  7. Looney Tunes skunk Pepé Le Pew stalked this poor cat called what?
  8. On The Smurfs, this cat belonged to Gargamel, sworn enemy of the little blue guys:
    Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
  9. Did you know Looney Tunes cat Sylvester had a son? What's his name?
  10. Part of The Krusty the Klown Show on The Simpsons, this cartoon cat is repeatedly hunted down by a mouse named Itchy:
    Image: 20th Television
  11. Fans of The Yogi Bear Show know this pink cougar desperately wanted to be in showbiz:
  12. Together with Minute Mouse, this cat was created by Bob Kane and spoofed Batman:
  13. On The Quick Draw McGraw Show in the early 1960s, this Sherlook-like cat detective took a mouse as his partner:
  14. Between Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons, you'd see shorts about this wildcat mountie in a town called Savoir-Faire:
Can you name all these cartoon cats?

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djw1120 12 days ago
14 out of 14
I guess I watch too many cartoons.
JeffTanner 21 days ago
''You got 13 out of 14'' ----------Garfield may hate Monday's, but he LOVES your score!
MrBill 22 days ago
12/14; missed #7 and #13. I did not know that Pepe's cat had a name and that Quick Draw McGraw had a cat (I have not seen that cartoon in 40 years).
AEDC49 23 days ago
Actually #14 is not town of Savior-Faire but what name of the Mouse character is & he would say "Savoir Faire Is Everywhere!" while his sled dog Malamutt pulled him around alerting him etc. It was Fort Frazzle where he hailed from & Major Minor was his boss etc. They were French-Canadian! Nice Cartoon! made in early half of the 60's.
RobertAnthony 23 days ago
14/14...what can I say...I love cats animated or otherwise.
daDoctah 23 days ago
14/14. Nailed it.

Recently at pub trivia night, we had a handout round where we were to identify ten cartoon cats, including a few that were in this quiz. Our resident cat person (who actually goes by the name Lion) got nine of them, but I was able to identify Rita from "Animaniacs" so we swept that round too.
Barry22 23 days ago
13/14, Pepe's girlfriend had a name?
Poor Penelope, the only thing she did wrong, was to have the misfortune of coming in contact with a can of white paint. It was unrequited love for Pepe. Another opportunity to "Cherchez La Femme!"
garykevinware 23 days ago
I'll make mincemeat out of that mouse or my name's not Klondike Kat.
Tresix 23 days ago
13/14, blew the Smurf cat. I always wondered: is Snagglepuss the original Chippendale dancer?
djw1120 Tresix 12 days ago
Can't be. Not only did he not have pants, he didn't have a shirt either.
All he had was a collar and a bow tie.
RichardJohnFuller 23 days ago
Didn't get Pepe Le Pew's girlfriend. Her name really varied from appearances. Other than her, I know my cartoon cats.
MelissaJMoore 23 days ago

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What, if anything, does the above reply have to do with cartoon cats?!?!
It sounds like she is talking about soccer.
Either that or she speaking in a foreign language.
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