Pick: Which movies would you go see in the theaters in 1979?

Pick a single classic movie to see each month.

Do you like to cry into your napkins or laugh so much it spills popcorn all over the floor? Do you want action or horror, outer space or ancient history?

Well, the cinema of 1979 had you covered no matter what. It was an interesting year for film that saw several franchises kick off and the release of some timeless classics.

But for the sake of this survey, you can only see ONE movie each month. We gathered just about all of the biggest movies of the year. Take your pick and compare your taste to the rest!
  1. It's the middle of winter. But you gotta get out of the house sometime. Pick one of these movies to see in January and February of 1979.
  2. March is here, spring is on its way. Let's go see a movie.
  3. Action, Allen or athletes? Pick a movie to see in April.
  4. May means the blockbusters are arriving. Pick the one you want to see the most.
  5. Summer movie season has arrived. That means sequels and silly comedies. Pick one film from June 1979.
  6. Pick one of these movies to see in July. Hey, free air conditioning.
  7. There are some instant classics arriving in August 1979. Pick one.
  8. Cartoons or The Who? September 1979 has some slim pickings, but pick one.
  9. October means the prestige stuff starts to arrive. Pick one of these films.
  10. November '79 offers music and sports for the family. Pick a movie to see.
  11. Lots of big ones arrive in December 1979 — Oscar season and the holidays. But you can only pick one. Which will it be?

Pick: Which movies would you go see in the theaters in 1979?

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Blue2901 6 months ago
I actually saw 5 of those in theaters in 1979.
ttenchantr 11 months ago
Captain America was a TV movie. It was only in theaters overseas and not until 1981.
RedSamRackham ttenchantr 11 months ago
* All of our MFTV movies are dubbed into various languages and shown in theaters overseas. Peter Falk as Columbo became an international star! ☺
SheriHeffner 11 months ago
65%. The one month I wouldn't have picked out any of these movies but I chose The Rose.
jmike 25 months ago
I got 70%. - Sorry but, "Being There" should have been the winner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Amalthea 25 months ago
OK, the last one was horribly unfair. I'd seen all 6 of them, and loved 5 of them (the exception being "Star Dreck: The Motion Sickness"). To choose only one was near impossible (I went with "Being There" just because). As a matter of fact, I'd only not seen 7 of the entire article; most of them because I just didn't want to. (Oh, and 42% similar)
scwilson 42 months ago
The pickings were slim in 1979, Rocky II was one I remember.
RobChapman 48 months ago
December was tough one. Well, not really. I mean, I love The Black Hole, but....I'm a Trekkie.

Pop quiz: What do The Black Hole & Star Trek: The Motion Picture have in common?

Answer: The were the last two wide-release Hollywood films to feature an overture.
ValT 55 months ago
Too many of these are "None of the above" for me.
Runeshaper 56 months ago
31% similar
31% similar to the most popular responses
DiscoDave 60 months ago
71% similar. My 5 favorites from those in this list: Apocalypse Now, The Rose, Alien, The China Syndrome and Amityville Horror
Kevin 60 months ago
Some of these were "R" rated & I would have had to sneak in. "Caligulia" was "X" rated, there was no way I could sneak into that.
JV 60 months ago
Some of the sets, I wouldn't pay to see ANY of the choices, somebody would have to PAY ME. Others I'd pay to see all of them.
CaptainDunsel JV 58 months ago
Yes. They definitely need a NOTA option on some of these quizzes.
Lacey 60 months ago
43% Similar but I chose the pictures I actually paid for, or my date paid for, not the ones that time has shown to be better.
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