Can you name these wrestlers of the '70s and '80s?

Will you slam the competition? Or will you tap out?

 The Everett Collection

Step into the ring and test your knowledge of professional wrestling history with this pro wrestling fill-in-the-blank quiz!

Journey back to the golden age of wrestling, the 1970s and 1980s, and see if you can correctly name the legendary grapplers who defined this iconic era. Recall the heroes and villains, the high-flyers and brawlers, and prove your status as a true wrestling aficionado.

Do you have what it takes to remember the names that shook the squared circle decades ago? Lace up your boots, step into the spotlight, and let's find out!

  1. Brutus "__________" Beefcake
  2. ________ Rhodes
  3. "________ Boy" Ric Flair
  4. Bret "The Hitman" ________
  5. "Rowdy" Roddy _______
  6. George "The Animal" _______
  7. Jerry "The ______" Lawler
  8. Jake "The Snake" ________
  9. "Superfly" _________ Snuka
  10. _________ Dog

Can you name these wrestlers of the '70s and '80s?

Your Result...

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101DEGREEZZZ 17 days ago
wtf where’s Bruno Samartino?
Jerry Lawler was in a fighting match with Andy Kaufman but couldn’t tell if it was real. I mean wrestling is fake but those guys do get hurt.
jdiperri 19 days ago
10/10 too easy. What about Mr. Fugi or Professor Toro Tanaka!
jimmyvici 28 days ago
10/10…I grew up watching all of these guys. Piper was my favorite. Rip Hot Rod! 🤟🏾
CortneyNicole 28 days ago
10/10 Oh Yeah Brother! Never miss any beat!
snowbird1234 1 month ago
Jerry “The King “ Lawler I’m from Memphis
jdiperri 1 month ago
How about a quiz on the managers of professional wrestling
Fred_Clampett 1 month ago
9 of 10. Missed Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. I never watched wrestling, but so many of my friends did that I heard these names over and over.
andrewandrewandrew 1 month ago
10-10 Honky-Tonk Man rules 💥🤠
In the late ‘80’s, I was young teen sitting front row at a house show for WWE. Honkey Tonk Man wrestled and was being heckled by a few rowdy fans. He used the N-word a few times to try to quiet them down but instead made it worse. So he finished the match and that was it. Crazy.
MaryAnn 1 month ago
10 for 10! Piece o’ cake on this one. 😉
Kramden62 1 month ago
9/10. Didn't know #7.

Seeing that clip of "Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling" above makes me wish I could see that show again (I was in my senior year of college at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey in late 1985 when it premiered on CBS' Saturday morning schedule. "Rock 'n' Wrestling" was in reruns after that, from September 1986 until June 1987). It would bring back a few pleasant memories of my senior year college days before graduating in June 1986. (Also at Fairleigh Dickinson during my senior year, I was a disc jockey at their radio station. I would play some tracks from "The Wrestling Album" often.)

I understand the reason why "Rock 'n' Wrestling" hasn't recently been rerun is because there is some kind of disagreement between WWE Entertainment and Cookie Jar Entertainment, the successor to DiC, who co-produced the show ("Rock 'n' Wrestling" *was* briefly in syndication in the mid-90's, before Cookie Jar's buyout of DiC). That disagreement is currently precluding any chances of the show being re-syndicated or even released on DVD ("Rock 'n' Wrestling" was *never even* released on DVD to this point, although in the early 90's a select few episodes were released on VHS tape). Shame.

Well, at least I still have "The Wrestling Album" on CD and "Piledriver" on vinyl. I guess those will have to do for now when I'm in the mood.
Ready2go 1 month ago
9/10. Pin his shoulders, puddin' head! But I ain't got no pins !
bnjfrederick 1 month ago
We live down the street from one of Dusty Rhodes previous homes in North Tampa
Bapa1 1 month ago
So is the new cartoon channel going to be showing the Hulk Hogan Rock and Wrestling cartoon? (it was terrible).
Klink 1 month ago
Where King Kong bundy
Bapa1 Klink 1 month ago
He's with his cousin Al at the shoe store. FYI, the producers of Married With Children gave Al the last name of 'Bundy' as a homage to the wrestler.
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