Can you name these '80s sitcoms from the very last scene of the series finale?

Group hugs all around.

Family sitcoms ruled the airwaves in the 1980s. Which meant that a lot of shows ended on a touching note. Even if the "family" was a workplace family. Typically, there was a group hug. (Another way that The Mary Tyler Moore Show set the mold.) A wedding was another way to go out with a burst of emotion and rice.

We grabbed some of the final moments of popular '80s sitcoms. See if you can match them to the correct title! (Note: Some of these finales actually aired in the early '90s.)
  1. This '80s sitcom shocked its fans with a leap back into the 1970s.
  2. "To be continued…" …only it wasn't.
  3. Time for the hugging portion of the quiz.
  4. Group hug!
    Image: Disney - ABC Domestic Television
  5. Another group hug!
    Image: CBS
  6. Awwww. More hugging!
  7. And another group hug!
  8. Does hugging a cake count?
  9. This sitcom ended with a dog wedding. Yes, a dog wedding.
    Image: MGM Television
  10. Nothing says series finale like an empty house.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  11. A spin-off kicked off the following week.
    Image: Freemantle Media
  12. But wait, where are the main characters?
Can you name these '80s sitcoms from the very last scene of the series finale?

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Lacey 20 days ago
11/12 Missed the last one.
Of course several of these were NOT "series finally" but simply last episodes filmed.
The curse of the cancellation ax.
booster 21 days ago
10/12. Missed #2 and #10. Never saw an episode of those shows.
MrBill 22 days ago
10/12; missed #9 and #12. I did not know #9 and forgot that Laverne and Shirley were not featured in their series finale. The finale was done as a spinoff for Carmine Ragusa bit never got picked up as a series. Shirley was written out at the beginning of the last season. Also, the series became "Laverne" for the remainder of the final season after Shirley left.
TXGeek 22 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
When it comes to knowing the '80s, you rock!

#2 was a total guess, but the rest was easy peasy.
NostalgiaFan 23 days ago
I blew it on No. 10 but then I never watched any of those 3 shows.
Stefanie24 23 days ago
I remember when Newhart had that surprise ending... I had never watched The Bob Newhart Show, so it wasn't as much of a surprise ending for me as it was for my parents and grandparents who were all excited and thrilled by it. I vaguely remember reading that Mary Frann was (allegedly) upset and hurt by the Newhart finale final scene. (Not sure if that is true or has ever been confirmed?)

I guessed a few of the answers based on the actor's hairstyle in the photo. lol

Is that George Clooney in the Facts of Life photo taking the pic of the girls?
RichardJohnFuller 23 days ago
Tripped up by Newhart. I clicked on the seventies show, instead of the show that returned to the seventies.

After that, missed Alf. Never watched him.
Stephen 23 days ago
What is the deal, with all of the spammers on Me-TV now?

11/12 missed #11
Stefanie24 Stephen 23 days ago
Me too! And it won't give the correct answer!
I missed that one too, and the correct answer, Three's Company, is highlighted in green.
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