Can you put the vintage TV set in the correct decade?

Is your memory in VHF or UHF?

Images: Wish Book Web

We talk a lot about television shows, but we don't talk enough about the televisions themselves. Back in the day, they were works of art, more furniture than picture frame. 

They were made of carved wood and bright molded plastic. They could fit in the palm of your hand or support a houseplant. TV sets continually evolved over the years.

So, think you can match a vintage TV set to the correct decade?

Below, you will see advertisement images from the 1950s through 1990s. See if your electronics memories are crystal clear or obscured by snow.
  1. This happy little guy showed you where to tune.
    Image: Zenith
  2. After the Walkman, Sony gave us the Watchman. But when did it come out?
    Image: Sony
  3. What's behind the closed doors? Television!
  4. This little "Suburbanite" came with a clock timer!
    Image: Sears / Wish Book Web
  5. How about this behemoth?
    Image: GE
  6. This sucker was more speaker than screen.
    Image: Sears / Wish Book Web
  7. This little black-and-white portable could let you watch the game from the kitchen counter.
    Image: Sears / Wish Book Web
  8. You could grip it and go with this miniature set, perfect for picnics.
    Image: Wards / Wish Book Web
  9. When was Santa delivering these sets?
    Image: Sears / Wish Book Web
  10. They were color sets, but they came in black and white.
    Image: JC Penney / Wish Book Web
  11. Philco called this the "Slender Seventeener."
    Image: Philco
  12. No, this was not made by Apple.
    Image: Magnavox
  13. Think before you click.
    Image: Sharp
Can you put the vintage TV set in the correct decade?

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