Can you recognize all these guest stars on I Love Lucy?

Movie stars, character actors and a future TV mogul all appeared on the show!

I Love Lucy is one of the most iconic sitcoms to ever grace the small screen. While Lucille Ball was undoubtedly the main draw, there were many episodes with famous guest stars — mostly playing versions of themselves.

Here are 15 different people who appeared on the show. Some are classic film celebrities, others you may recognize from their many TV roles.

See if you can properly name each one!

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  1. What famous movie star is this on the left?
  2. Speaking of stars, who is this peaking over the booth?
  3. Which Marx brother is Lucy mirroring here?
  4. You may recognize this actor from The Andy Griffith Show as...
  5. Here is Lucy with which famous film director?
  6. She played Lucy's drama teacher here but later became famous on which show?
  7. Who is this classic Hollywood star?
  8. Lucy couldn't wait to meet this actor standing next to Desi. It's...
  9. She was in "The Charm School" episode of I Love Lucy but you may recognize her from her later role on...
  10. What famous comedian is in this scene with Lucy?
  11. While most famous for her later sitcom role, she was in the "Country Club Dance" episode of I Love Lucy. Do you know her name?
  12. The actor on the far left went on to become a famous television producer. It's...
  13. You may recognize this character actor from many different classic TV shows. Can you remember his name?
  14. This actress was a voice on The Flintstones. It's...
  15. This young actor would later appear in which 1980s action movie franchise?

Can you recognize all these guest stars on I Love Lucy?

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Evan 3 days ago
14/15. I had no idea what Aaron Spelling looked like.
epinto55 6 days ago
I'm UNABLE to watch ANY of the shows I want to watch Lucy), but I am able to watch programs I don't care to watch, Gun Smoke. Also, unfortunately, the notification doesn't chime. I'm NOT enjoyong this app at all.
lindaC068 6 days ago
I definitely didn't recognize Aaron Spelling and forgot Richard Crenna was in Rambo. I missed 3...
Debra12345 11 days ago
In the original "Rambo" ("First Blood) I did find it mildly difficult to take Richard Crenna seriously as a tough green beret, having only seen him before in those old reruns of Our Miss Brooks and that spot on I Love Lucy - in both of which he plays a green, nerdy kid.
Dario Debra12345 10 days ago
He was essentially doing Walter Denton in that I Love Lucy episode from 1952. 😉
trogg888 13 days ago
missed 2 but i think hardly anyone could recognize aaron spelling or barbarbara eden from those stills
Dario 14 days ago
Aced it! A perfect 15! 👌👌👌👌👌 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Toot1956 14 days ago
daDoctah 15 days ago
13/15. Knew the last one was Richard Crenna but had no idea which action film he was in later.
Dario daDoctah 14 days ago
That would be Rambo, where he played the Green Beret officer who wanted to bring Rambo to justice.
ETristanBooth 15 days ago
15/15. Had to guess on 12 and 15.
Thomasz 16 days ago
14/15, missed No. 15. A few were too easy, John Wayne, Bob Hope...
WordsmithWorks 17 days ago
Missed Herb Vigran, then looked him up on IMDB. One of those "where do I know him from?" actors. Among many roles, he was part of the Emergency/Adam-12/Dragnet group. I remember him best for administering the driving test (twice) to Marcia Brady. I nearly missed Aaron Spelling (didn't realize he was an actor). Loved the "Nobody Loves the Ump" number with Bob Hope on "I Love Lucy." The shows with musical performances were the best.
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