Can you recognize these Fifties stars decades later on The Love Boat?

Do you know these actors, singers and comedians from Hollywood’s Golden Age?


The Boat Love was famous for its guest stars, bringing together the biggest names in TV, film, music and even sports. There were actors who had yet to hit it big and many veterans who had been household names for years. This quiz is all about the latter.

Here are 16 stars from the 1950s who boarded The Love Boat. You may know them from their famous younger days but can you recognize them here?

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  1. This icon made a name for himself in Fifties horror films.
  2. This singer was a Fifties teen idol.
  3. She starred in classic Golden Age musicals.
  4. He was one of the biggest names in comedy in the Forties and Fifties.
  5. He had his own hit sitcom in the Fifties.
  6. He was a leading man of Fifties comedies and musicals.
  7. She is famous for her collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock.
  8. He was a hit jazz singer and bandleader.
  9. She starred in a hit Fifties sitcom.
  10. This film and television actor won an Oscar in 1956.
  11. She danced across the silver screen for decades.
  12. He had one of the funniest shows on TV in the Fifties.
  13. She was a Golden Age movie star.
  14. This talented singer was also hilarious.
  15. He was a favorite Fifties entertainer.
  16. This movie star got her own sitcom.

Can you recognize these Fifties stars decades later on The Love Boat?

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DannyZ 17 months ago

Do I win a Svengoolie rubber chicken?
SandraGreenwald 17 months ago
15/16 Not bad. Missed Gene Kelly and said Cary Grant.
Cary Grant on The Love Boat? Heaven forbid. I wish he had done an interview show, though. ANY interview would have been great.
grandpa5741 17 months ago
Perfect Score, Debbie Reynolds’s, Donna Reid, Lana Turner and throw in Zsa Zsa Gabor and this one heck of 4 of a kind. 😉
Dajj 17 months ago
16/16, too easy for me! I guess its showing my age, but my memory is still good! If they gave a quiz likr this with pictures of recent TV stars, I probably wouldnt do too good, ‘cause I dont watch them too much.
trogg888 17 months ago
Show was awful but I'd watch it just to see the old stars
Charleshorse trogg888 17 months ago
The laugh track was the worst
Epsdel 17 months ago
12/16 not bad for an 80s child
NinaLove123 17 months ago
16/16 I love my classic legendary Stars.
AlbertHanson 17 months ago
15/16. I didn't recognize Cab Calloway. I thought he had been dead for decades when this photo was taken.
FestusFan2312 17 months ago
16/16. This has to be the easiest ever.
Wendy57 17 months ago
Unforgettable stars ! 🤩
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