Can you spot what’s wrong with the Ponderosa map from Bonanza?

It’s in every episode but how well do you really know this map?

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Bonanza has one of the best Western openings. The theme music plays over a map of the Cartwright family's Ponderosa ranch. The map dramatically burns away, showing the cast galloping across the striking landscape.

How well do you know this iconic map of Bonanza?

Take a look at the parts of the map we've cut up below. One section has been changed from how it looks on the show. Can you guess which one it is?

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  1. Which part of the Ponderosa map did we change?

Can you spot what’s wrong with the Ponderosa map from Bonanza?

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kimmer 36 months ago
......we won't discuss this one....lmao!
NoahBody 36 months ago
wow i botched that really bad !!! I got it on my 9th try !!!!
KenKnighton 36 months ago
Got it on my 2nd try, pretty good!
WF 36 months ago
Easy to tell having once lived in the area! I always thought that the compass rose really stood out on this map, since it didn't have north pointing either "up" or exactly 90 degrees to the left. And, since the map doesn't show the California - Nevada state line either north or south of Lake Tahoe, one has to look at the compass to figure about where the state boundaries should be!
wbyassee 36 months ago
That was changed! You found it!
North actually points to the left on this map. Great job!
JeffPaul76 37 months ago
It was the top left on the map. I got it right on my 8th try.
SirBev47 37 months ago
Got it right on with my second choice. Not bad.
sierra127 37 months ago
Got it on the first try. Buckaroo!!! Go north j
Mike 37 months ago
first guess... Maps are drawn with north to the top..
wbyassee Mike 36 months ago
Actually, it supposed to point where the West mark is.
LynCarceo 37 months ago
Clicked all 9, 1 at a time, and they were all unchanged. So, what changed?
LynCarceo LynCarceo 37 months ago
Tried again, and got it. So why was it wrong the 1st time.
Catman 37 months ago
I got it on the first try. Not my usual clumsy guessing. It's just that everything looked legit so I figured that they changed the orientation marker. Some reasoning involved, I suppose, but really just luck.
MikefromJersey Catman 37 months ago
That's not luck, that's using your noodle. I'll have Opie leave you a can of tuna out on
the Taylor's front porch. Maybe a catnip toy as well.
Tommygunz 37 months ago
Got it first try, I have a copy of the map in my room.
bruceisloose 37 months ago
Pretty easy, only because as a kid I always wondered why 'N' wasn't pointed straight up.
BarbaraAnderson 37 months ago
Easy for me because I know the area around Virginia City. The cities of Carson City, Virginia City, and Reno and Lake Tahoe are not in the right places if you look at the map straight on. You have to tilt your head to the left to get the correct placement. Virginia City isn't as flat as it is shown on Bonanza.
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