Can you tell the difference between Perry Mason and The Flintstones?

Can you crack this case?

Though they both started around the same time and both have devoted fans still to this day, the animated comedy The Flintstones and the court drama Perry Mason are very different shows.

Perry Mason (almost) never does anything wrong and Fred Flintstone can’t seem to ever get anything right! Telling these two shows apart should be easy. Answer these 12 questions and see of that proves to be the case. 

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  1. Which series started in 1957?
  2. Which series ended in 1966?
  3. Which series had over 200 episodes?
  4. Each episode of this show is 30 minutes long.
  5. This show initially aired on Saturdays.
  6. “Disorder in the Court” is an episode of which show?
  7. Tony Curtis lent his talents to an episode of this show.
  8. Adam West lent his talents to two episodes of this show.
  9. Did one show reference the other?
  10. The composer who wrote the theme song for the first Rocky and Bullwinkle show (‘Rocky and his Friends’) also wrote the theme song for which show?
  11. Rance Howard, Ron Howard’s father, wrote three episodes of which show?
  12. This show continued to have specials and TV movies into the 1990s.

Can you tell the difference between Perry Mason and The Flintstones?

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MarkSpeck 2 months ago
10 out of 12. Could've sworn they both had 200 episodes, but that was incorrect. I also didn't know that Rance Howard wrote scripts for The Flintstones!
lucy 2 months ago
Ha ha Lol I’m terrible at this
nightshade 4 months ago
only missed 2 not bad ..... how did rance Howard end up writing flintstone episodes tho ....
Hilary 4 months ago
I thought I knew Perry! You got me on the Fred Steiner reference! Good quiz!
sandman 4 months ago
6/12. I really Rock Up on this quizz
biscuits18521 sandman 3 months ago
I got 6/12 also:)!
Jeffrey 4 months ago
''You got 3 out of 12'' Which is really bad for me. --------Looks like that quiz had you a little turned around. Better luck next time!
kimmer 4 months ago
Wow..last two were sheer luck!
Stoney 4 months ago
9 for 12. Tougher than I expected
Runeshaper 4 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
Great job! That result would make anyone smile.

That was pretty challenging! Both GREAT shows! :)
Gatton 4 months ago
12 for 12. I Just got lucky.
Lillyrose 4 months ago
5 out of 12. I used to watch The Flintstones, but I never saw Perry Mason.
MrsPhilHarris 4 months ago
8/12. Love both shows. Thought I would have done better.
Pacificsun 4 months ago
Dang! If I had just paid attention to the QUESTION the Quiz was asking (as in both) I would've done better.

I do know the Flintstones came on Friday Nights (before Friday Night Fights) because that's how the adults got hooked on it.

But wow, for the others, had no idea both were similar.
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