Can you tell the difference between these classic TV characters and their doppelgängers?

Can you recognize these evil twins, criminal lookalikes and identical classmates?

The German word “doppelgänger” refers to a person who looks very similar to someone they are not related to – an identical stranger. Though meeting your own doppelgänger in real life is relatively rare, you wouldn’t know that from watching television. All kinds of shows – westerns, sitcoms, dramas – all use the doppelgänger trope.

We’ve collected some classic TV doppelgängers and mixed them up with regular characters who just look a little different than usual. Can you identify who is who?

  1. Is this actually Captain Kirk or a lookalike alien?
  2. Is that Peter Brady on the left or someone else?
  3. That looks like Oliver Wendell Douglas from 'Green Acres' on the right, but is it?
  4. Is that Goober Pyle from 'The Andy Griffith Show' or someone who looks remarkably similar?
  5. Is that the real Festus Haggen or an identical outlaw?
  6. It's blonde Mary Tyler Moore! Is she playing Laura Petrie or a different character?
  7. Is this Wally from 'Leave it to Beaver' or a mustachioed double?
  8. Is this the original Jeannie or Jeannie II?
  9. Is this Fred Flintstone pretending to be a rockstar or a rockstar who looks like Fred Flintsone?
  10. Is this rifleman Lucas McCain or a criminal with similar features and a mustache?
  11. Is this Lucy Ricardo in disguise or a totally different character?
  12. Who is Raymond Burr playing here, Perry Mason or someone else?
  13. Continuing the facial hair trend, is this regular Spock in disguise or an alternate universe Spock?
  14. Is this Lorne Green as Ben Cartwright or someone else?
  15. Is this the Fonz with a beard or his identical cousin?
  16. Is this Greg Brady with different hair or a different character with the same face?

Can you tell the difference between these classic TV characters and their doppelgängers?

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Jada 16 months ago
Got them all! It helped that I saw the Perry Mason episode this morning. 🙂
STTOS 25 months ago
You got 15 out of 16 - You were calm, cool and collected on that quiz. Great job! Missed #14 Bonanza. Like the show but not enough to know the answer. Guessed wrong.
BobD 26 months ago
10/16. Apparently, I need to quarantine more!
Dario BobD 26 months ago
Dario 26 months ago
Aced it! A perfect 16! 👌👌👌👌👌 👍👍👍👍👍 😁😁😁😁😁
Irish 26 months ago
Missed bearded Fonzie...hey!
Craigg 26 months ago
You got 16 out of 16
You were calm, cool and collected on that quiz. Great job
Gary 26 months ago
12 outta 16
Why couldn't I do that on the pickle quiz???
Runeshaper 26 months ago
You got 12 out of 16
You were calm, cool and collected on that quiz. Great job!

That Wally was tricky! LOL
Corey 26 months ago
Fred had the most dopplegangers. A King, Tycoon, alien clones and Gazoo double.
dmagoon Corey 26 months ago
On "the Twitch", Rock Roll, with his hairpiece, beared a resemblance to George Jetson.
JewelsChuck 26 months ago
10/16 because I’m still a little sleepy eyes, I just woke up.
MadMadMadWorld JewelsChuck 26 months ago
That's no excuse! Wake up and go to sleep! :) [last line from The Three Stooges]
harlow1313 26 months ago
As I recall, on Gilligan's Island, three castaways had a double come to their uncharted home: Gilligan, Thurston Howell, and Ginger. How silly, and the comedic payoff, for me, doesn't justify such lazy writing.

Other uninspired TV tropes common in the sixties: amnesia, temporary blindness, and sixties television's strange obsession with stereotypical gypsies.
daDoctah harlow1313 26 months ago
Next time the episode with the two Gilligans airs, listen to the music during the chase through the jungle. When it's showing the "real" Gilligan, it's the show's usual atmospheric chase music, but when his Russian-spy double is shown, it's the Russian folk-song "Korobeiniki", better known these days as the music from the game Tetris.
MadMadMadWorld daDoctah 26 months ago
That is going to be difficult to do, since MeTV removed GI from their schedule!
Wiseguy harlow1313 25 months ago
In the mid 1970s it was ventriloquists who thought their dummies were real. Barney Miller and The Bob Newhart Show had one each and Soap had a recurring character.
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