Was this a Beatles song or a Brady Bunch episode?

Can you tell the difference between the Fab Four and the six siblings? Johnny Bravo and John Lennon?


Beatles images: A Hard Day's Night / Apple Corps Ltd. / Universal Music Group

The Fab Four and the… Super Groovy Six Siblings? Nifty Nine? Whatever you want to nickname the Brady Bunch, they are undeniably a pop-culture phenomenon just like the Beatles. Heck, the Brady Kids probably performed more concerts in America than the Beatles (who only played like 40 gigs in the States). 

Both the Beatles and the Bradys like to sing about sunshine. The British legends had a song called "Hello, Goodbye." The blended family had an episode called "Goodbye, Alice, Hello." 

Those are not the only similar-sounding titles. See if you can suss out if these are Beatles songs or Brady Bunch episodes. 

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  1. "Dear Libby"
  2. "I'm a Loser"
  3. "The Winner"
  4. "The Hero"
  5. "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party"
  6. "Good Day Sunshine"
  7. "Her Majesty"
  8. "Katchoo"
  9. "Sorry, Right Number"
  10. "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)"
  11. "Juliet is the Sun"
  12. "I'll Cry Instead"
  13. "She's a Woman"
  14. "Never Too Young"
  15. "You're Never too Old"
  16. "Old Brown Shoe"
  17. "P.S. I Love You"
  18. "Run for Your Life"
  19. "Every Boy Does It Once"
  20. "You're Going to Lose That Girl"
  21. "Call Me Irresponsible"
  22. "The Night Before"
  23. "Sea of Monsters"

Was this a Beatles song or a Brady Bunch episode?

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Kid 2 months ago
22/23 last one really isn’t a Beatles song … but good fun anyway 🙂
Lillyrose 3 months ago
22 out of 23. I'm not familiar with a lot of Beatles songs ( I like The Monkees better), but The Brady Bunch is a great show. I've seen every episode.
Stevezilla1961 4 months ago
22 out of 23
Got fooled on the last one
Jerryfan 4 months ago
22/23 Last one is a trick question.
sjbang88 4 months ago
22/23 I should be taken out and shot for missing one, well maybe not shot.
FritzT007 4 months ago
Number 23 is a trick question because it wasn't written by any of the Beatles it was written by their producer and doesn't have any of the Beatles playing on it.
Beatseeker FritzT007 4 months ago
agree! me not knowing a beatles song is, well, unheard of...
KaterTot 4 months ago
23 out of 23! I know my Brady Bunch episodes!
JennylovesTV 4 months ago
23/23 I didn't even have to guess. I know my Brady Bunch. I knew most of the Beatles songs too. 😊
Wenatchee7 4 months ago
by question 15 I was thinking when will this be over.
Bapa1 4 months ago
23/23, know My Beatles. I've been trying to listen to Beatle albums this month, because it's the 60th anniversary of their arrival in America. The Bradys anniversary I will try to ignore.
ncadams27 Bapa1 4 months ago
Yes, I watched them on Ed Sullivan with my parents. They weren’t impressed.
frenchman71 4 months ago
21/23 bot I knew #22 but I didn't move my curser down far enough so I clicked where it was on. So I'm gonna give myself 22/23.
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