Which bands recorded these pop hits of 1970?

"Are You Ready?" "Get Ready"

Legendary acts like Simon & Garfunkel, The Carpenters, Diana Ross and The Jackson 5 scored smash hits in 1970. But not every hitmaker made the Hall of Fame. 

The Billboard Hot 100 for the year also included some wonderfully named bands — Mungo Jerry, Frijid Pink, The Ides of March. 

We've gathered some more popular tunes from the charts in 1970. See if you can remember the unique names who recorded them. 

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  1. This tasty group went to No. 1 with its song "Make It with You."
  2. This band, which sounded like a magazine title, reached No. 5 with its tune "Hitchin' a Ride."
  3. This elemental act went to No. 4 with its groove "Get Ready."
  4. The pop group hit No. 2 on the Hot 100 with its song "Which Way You Goin' Billy?"
  5. This act rocketed to the top of the charts with "Venus." (Bananarama later covered it.)
  6. This inventive band brainstormed a big hit with "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)."
  7. This band spread its sound with the Top 10 smash "Reflections of My Life."
  8. This band "N"-joyed success with a Top 10 hit called "Tighter, Tighter."
  9. This band had an impressive body of work, including the Top 10 hit "Come and Get It."
  10. The colorful act expanded its palette with the ditty "My Baby Loves Lovin'."
  11. This pop group served up a hit called "Ma Belle Amie," which reached No. 5 on the charts.
  12. This band used its utilities to record the No. 14 hit "Are You Ready?"

Which bands recorded these pop hits of 1970?

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Geronimo 3 days ago
Who cares about this quiz! Nobody knows these groups and if somebody is perfect on this quiz they are lying!
max 5 days ago
Badfinger, great band, Beatles groomed them.
max 5 days ago
7/12 know the songs, went blank on band names.
Jeffrey 16 days ago
11/12 was like a termite at a 2 by 4...70s and 80s music is branded in my brain
STARFIGHTER77 24 days ago
Smokin' a Few...and Rockin'On !!
dethLSMO89 1 month ago
10 out of 12. Not bad considering I was only 7 years old in 1970. But I love music. Exposed 2 country (especially old school) from my father. Exposed to Big Band and Pop from my mother. 80's music is the best though!!!
Karen 1 month ago
10/12...Love my music...a child of the 1970's...favorite song # 6
daDoctah 1 month ago
12/12. Interesting that you included two Dutch acts, Tee-Set and Shocking Blue. Another Dutch group, the George Baker selection, had their big hit the same year ("Little Green Bag").
ETristanBooth 1 month ago
7/12, but, to be fair, I was only 8 years old.
HaveFaith2005 1 month ago
Got four right. It's hard for an 80s girl
Robert 1 month ago
My baby loves lovin was my favorite 1970 song.
CarlyC 1 month ago
I have never heard of any of these songs. No mention of THE NUGE songs or even Edgar Winter's Frankenstein. BOO!
SashaPayneDiaz 1 month ago
12/12.....but I really would prefer to have forgotten MOST of 'em....they absolutely sucked!
presentertainment 1 month ago
Nine outta Twelve ,..really I thought I would have ace's em all , but I'm not as musically smart as I thought. for tha 60's. It's Fun though ! I'd probley do better with the Seventy's for sure !
Weren't these all FROM the '70's ?
They were from 1970.
KIMBB002 1 month ago
I checked and Mark Gibby got two of these wrong when he took the test a fourth time.
Josie92 1 month ago
12 out of 12.. The song from Marmalade, Reflections of my Life, fits perfectly with what is going on in the world today..it's on utube, it'll make you think.
STARFIGHTER77 Josie92 24 days ago
Randall 1 month ago
1970s song either close to you or Dennis Yost and the classics four Traces love that song

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