Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Rivals''

In which Opie is in and out and in love again!

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If you're just joining us, welcome. If you're already familiar with the Daily Andy Griffith Quiz, welcome back.

Journey back to Mayberry each weekday with a chronological quiz testing your knowledge of each episode in order. Let's see how long we can all keep the streak going!

It's up to you to keep track of your score, and we work on the honor system here in Mayberry. Missed a quiz? Just click here, and you'll have the chance to catch up!

This quiz is about Season 3, Episode 28: "The Rivals". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. Opie: "When Floyd cut my hair last week, he said it won't be long until I'm _______."
  2. What's the name of Opie's classmate?
  3. What advice does Andy give Opie?
  4. Barney calls it Opie's first taste of the ol'...
  5. What was Barney's first love's name?
  6. Which of these does Opie do to impress his classmate?
  7. Barney calls up Thelma Lou, what does he say when Opie picks up?
  8. What does Barney advise Opie to say?
  9. Opie gives up on his classmate and decides _________ is his girl.
  10. How does Andy reply when Opie asks him what there is to do with a grown woman?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''The Rivals''

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BradBeall 10 days ago
9 of 10. In this episode, we meet "Karen", Opie's kinda-sorta girlfriend. In another episode (Earnest T. Bass gets an education), she's referred to as "Sharon" by Miss Crump. What ever happened to this very pretty girl? Did she ever appear in anything other that TAGS?
JHP 15 days ago

no big deal

#6 can anyone see that ep and Karen does a handstand - I DO NOT think so
BenjaminMosesCookeIII 21 days ago
Retest: I got 9/10 correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark112763 23 days ago
Got all ten correct. So give me a trophy...
Mark112763 15 days ago
This comment has been removed.
edcrumpacker 24 days ago
10/10. While watching the epilog I started thinking and I sorta agree with Big Barn. Thelma Lou should have saved some time for Barney. 🤔
JHP edcrumpacker 15 days ago
well she could have - after he got done yakking on a office govt phone with Juanita on paycheck time
rwatson5651 24 days ago
10 / 10!

I’ve always thought Thelma Lou was the prettiest girl in Mayberry.
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