Did Desilu produce these classic series?

Which of these shows did Lucy's company have a hand in, creatively?


In 1950, Lucille Ball founded Desilu Productions with her then-husband Desi Arnaz. For its first 12 years in business, Desilu Productions was the second-largest independent television production company in the United States, trailing behind only MCA's Revue Studios. When Revue was combined with Universal in 1962, Desilu took that number one spot.

1962 was also the year when Ball purchased a majority stake from her former husband. She would run Desilu by herself for the rest of its history. Six years later, after rehabilitating the company's image and ensuring profitability, Lucy sold her stake to Gulf+Western for an unprecedented $17 million. 

Take a look back with us while we celebrate the history of Desilu Productions. See if you can recall which shows were Desilu productions, and which ones weren't! REMEMBER: Other production companies filmed a lot of projects at Desilu Studios. We're not looking for productions that used the facilities. The correct answers will all be full-fledged Desilu Productions.  

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  1. I Love Lucy
  2. The Honeymooners
  3. Adam-12
  4. The Untouchables
  5. Mission: Impossible
  6. Barnaby Jones
  7. The Big Valley
  8. Mannix
  9. My Three Sons
  10. The Andy Griffith Show
  11. Wagon Train
  12. The Waltons
  13. The Ann Sothern Show
  14. Star Trek
  15. Peter Gunn

Did Desilu produce these classic series?

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JeffPaul76 9 months ago
I got 8 out of 15. -----"Yikes! Time to pay attention during the end credits!
Dario 10 months ago
12 out of 15. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
MikefromJersey 10 months ago
12 for 15.
Regarding Mannix, that certainly was a tricksy question as Paramount absorbed Desilu
after Mannix's first season. You got to see a lot of the studio in the episode Bob Conrad
guested on, as he and his cronies were shown driving all over the lot.
Cyauskase1007 10 months ago
Awesome me TV forevermore!!!!!!!!
TheFanFromUNCLE 10 months ago
13/15. I should have known about M:I.
mugens 10 months ago
13 out of 15. Should have done better...
Mark 10 months ago
15 out of 15. The only one that hung me up was The Ann Sothern Show...I was never sure whether that was an actual Desilu production or a show that filmed there (like Danny Thomas, Andy Griffith, et al.), but I guessed correctly.

Amazing how many shows were FILMED at Desilu, but not produced by them...everything from Wyatt Earp to Andy Griffith.
MikefromJersey Mark 10 months ago
On the episode where Lucy and Ricky go to Havana, they run into Ann's character from
her show. No, not when she played a 1928 Porter car from My Mother The Car, but her
Katy character from The Ann Southern Show. Did you know there are over over 25 TV
series connected to the Lucy/Ricky characters?
I have all the connections mapped out, I thought MeTV might have used it for the
"Stories" section, but no dice. Ah well.
JohnGibbons 10 months ago
Seriously did anyone miss I Love Lucy??
dodgebob 10 months ago
6/15, Wrong Lucy, I kept thinking of the red headed Lucy.
dodgebob JohnGibbons 10 months ago
Lucille Ball was not a redhead in real life.
MeFanFromSavan 10 months ago
14/15, made several good guesses.
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