Did these crazy things happen on WKRP in Cincinnati or did we make them up?

Turkeys from helicopters? A tornado?

On WKRP in Cincinnati, the hits kept on coming, and so did all the office antics.

Some of the craziest things that happened on the show have become the stuff of TV legend, frequently cited on lists naming the best episodes of all time.

Are you a WKRP whiz? See if you can tell what's true or false as you go up and down the dial on the scenarios we spell out below. Good luck!
  1. For a Thanksgiving promotion, WKRP dropped turkeys from a helicopter.
  2. The Big Guy loses WKRP in a bet, but Bailey saves the day.
  3. A woman intentionally leaves her baby at the radio station.
  4. Jennifer falls in love with a rival DJ Wolfman Jim.
  5. A tornado hits the radio station.
  6. Johnny tells listeners to dump their trash on the steps of City Hall.
  7. Listeners throw real eggs at WKRP after Johnny botches an Easter promotion.
  8. Jennifer goes on strikes, refusing to answer the phone all day.
  9. Les wins the Golden Eagle Eye Flying High Newscasters Award.
  10. Les reports the news from an airplane.
Did these crazy things happen on WKRP in Cincinnati or did we make them up?

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Jim 12 hours ago
10 for 10, One of my all time favorite shows, and just for the record, Bailey was hotter than Jennifer in her own way. What a great cast and a shame it was cancelled 2-3 years too early!
HippieU 19 days ago
7 out 10. One was a screen glitch and froze. So it made me choose one wrong answer. So it should be 8 of 10
EmBee 20 days ago
Bailey vs Jennifer...they are both very beautiful in their own ways, but Bailey hands down!
rycki1138 28 days ago
9 out of 10. I got the Easter egg question wrong.
MrsPhilHarris 28 days ago
8/10 but I guessed most of them. Not seen the show for years. Just noticing Loni's odd hairstyle.
Lucyneenah19701 28 days ago
10 out of 10. My favorite episode is The Airplane Show! Hilarious!
stephaniestavropoulos 28 days ago
10/10! My reward: "I'm at WKRP in Cincinnati."
teire 28 days ago
5/10, about what you'd expect using the eenie meenie method. (Except for the turkey question of course.)
anthony 28 days ago
9/10.Ditto what cperrynaples said about Les award one.That's the one I got wrong.
cperrynaples 28 days ago
5/10! I got 1 right away [MeTV just did a quiz], but after that it was downhill. After all, it's been more than 30 years for me! Les won so many awards I just assumed 9 was correct!
Dicazi 28 days ago
Missed the last one.
Don't remember that at all.
JaySee Dicazi 28 days ago
Everyone spent the episode trying to remember the difference between Armistice Day and Memorial Day.
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