Do you know what these TV, DVD and CD acronyms and symbols mean?

You may say them and use them frequently, but do you actually know what these acronyms and symbols mean?


When television first became mainstream, the word itself was used much more than it is today. The acronym TV pretty much takes the cake when it comes to talking about the entertainment device. 

It might just be the most common acronym used in the field, and everyone knows TV stands for television. But what about some of the other acronyms and symbols that have popped up over the years? Do you know what they mean?

Take a look at the acronyms and symbols below and see if you can figure out what they mean, or what function they serve. If you love vintage and nostalgic technology, especially for classic music, be sure to check out our brand new MeTV Mall!

Good luck!

  1. What does CD stand for?
  2. We know you've heard the term CD-ROM. Do you know what the ROM stands for?
  3. What does VCR stand for?
  4. How about DVD? What does this acronym stand for?
  5. Do you know what VHS stands for?
  6. Now, let's check out some symbols you would regularly see on a VCR, DVD player, CD player or cassette tape player. What does this symbol mean?
  7. How about this one?
  8. This means...
  9. What does this symbol mean?
  10. This one means...

Do you know what these TV, DVD and CD acronyms and symbols mean?

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Moverfan 6 months ago
8/10. And my ten-year-old niece read the first question (What does CD stand for?), pointed to the picture and said "This thing here"...and she's not wrong...!
IndianaRockz 9 months ago
Please be kind and rewind!
⏪ / ⏮️ 📼
BuckeyeBeth 13 months ago
9/10 I was golden until the last one tripped me up. I’m pretty sure it was rewind if you held it down but back one track if you pushed it once & released. Yes, I chose rewind.
grandpa5741 17 months ago
7 of 10, I was “pressing” on this one.🇺🇸📼
bnichols23 17 months ago
Gimmes all. Too easy for anybody from the 80s. :)
120766 17 months ago
My shoes are to tight to
DubSackSC 17 months ago
9/20 I hosed up #9
MadMadMadWorld DubSackSC 17 months ago
There were only 10 questions. How did you answer to 20?
Moverfan MadMadMadWorld 6 months ago
They took the quiz twice, obviously...
jimmyvici 17 months ago
TheOnlyONE 17 months ago
10/10. It was the obvious answers.
lee224 17 months ago
Number 10 is a previous track plus rewind. To rewind you have to hold the button. No CD player has separate buttons for previous track and rewind.
Steve67 17 months ago
9/10, Right when I was thinking this was the easiest quiz I slipped up on #10
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