Do you still use this retro slang?

Are these groovy words a gas or a drag?

Do you like to chill out in your rad pad? Maybe you’d rather split to go catch some rays? Are there words you dig so much you just can't stop spitting them out?

Whatever your bag, take a gander at the retro slang in the survey below. Pick whether you still use it, used to use it, or never used it at all! You can even see what percentage of other people speak the same way you do.

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  1. Do you still describe cool and amazing things as "Far out"?
  2. Do you ever call money "bread"?
  3. Do you "dig" something you like or understand?
  4. Do you ever call something boring a "drag"?
  5. "Beats me" instead of "I don't know"?
  6. If someone is unreasonably upset, you say "Don't flip your wig"?
  7. Do you refer to your significant other as your "old man" or "old lady"?
  8. If something is not quite right or a little suspect, is it "hinky"?
  9. Do you call your clothes "threads"?
  10. "Square," as in the opposite of cool?
  11. Do you call a fun time a "gas"?
  12. If something is interesting or unique, is it "neato"?
  13. Is something bad or fake "bogus"?
  14. Do you call the place where you live your "pad"?
  15. Time to "split"! Do you ever say "split" instead of "leave"?

Do you still use this retro slang?

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JacksonGerrells 10 months ago
22% !!!!! WOW, I must be old !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randall 24 months ago
# 7 I always use MY OLD MAN in reference to my father, never thought of it in regards to a spouse!
Peter_Falk_Fan 28 months ago
77% This quiz was far out, I could really dig some of those questions. It would have been a drag if I weren't such a square. BTW, I remember my dad kept asking me why I ended sentences with "man". Well, I have to split.
ETristanBooth 31 months ago
86# similar. I used to say "neat," but not "neato."
I never said #11, with one lyrical exception: "It's a gas that Frankie's landed."
Kthompson 32 months ago
Okay, the reason I call money bread and I'm in 6th grade is cuz in mini society at my school (mini society is where we make our own country) and a girl said what's slang for money when we were coming up with the currency and my teacher said bread and our money was techno bread cuz we were techno town
FatOlBroad 33 months ago
Do you still use this retro slang?
67% similar to the most popular responses
JKMallaber 33 months ago
84% similar. With the exception of "neato," which I never said all that often, I never said any of these. None of the slang I used was up there.
AlF 33 months ago
Drove my dad crazy calling everything "neato" when I was a kid!
KellyShort 33 months ago
41% I'm old school or just old
max 33 months ago
Cool, I'm an old-fart. These words are better than slang of today.
piercedale 33 months ago
Boomer slang from the 60's and 70's
clarks58 33 months ago
I think younger generation is reading this or people not owning up to. Lots of never used.
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