Has this actor played Santa?

Ho-Ho-Who is this guy?

We've been lucky enough to see an absolute avalanche of Santas on our television and movie theater screens throughout the years. In this quiz, we're taking you back in time to Christmases of years past and giving you the name of a popular actor. It's your time to shine and tell us whether he's played Santa before in any movie or television episode!

  1. Alan Hale Jr.
  2. Tim Allen
  3. Ed Asner
  4. Boris Karloff
  5. Dick Van Dyke
  6. Fred Astaire
  7. Richard Attenborough
  8. Art Carney
  9. Tim Conway
  10. Harvey Korman
  11. Andy Devine
  12. Lorne Greene
  13. Buddy Ebsen
  14. Adam West
  15. James Earl Jones
  16. Leslie Nielsen
  17. Mickey Rooney
  18. Eddie Albert
  19. William Shatner

Has this actor played Santa?

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BrownieMom 2 months ago
There is quite a few they're wrong on. Eddie Albert, Lorne Greene, Adam West to name a few, all played Santa in different movies. specials or episodes.
Tigerboo 2 months ago
13/19!—not sure about this score. I guess I didn’t know all my no Santas 🚫🎅🏼 and yes Santas 🎅🏼
Janice58 2 months ago
There was an episode of Our Miss Brooks in which Eve Arden, Gaile Gordon, and the actor who played Philip Boyington all dressed as Santa.
Janice58 2 months ago
Mickey Rooney dressed up as Santa in an episode of Full House and paid a visit to the Tanner house.
CouchPotato987 2 months ago
I call “foul” on question number 5, because Dick Van Dyke did dress up as Santa Claus 🎅 in episode 76 of the Dick Van Dyke Show called: The Alan Brady Show Presents.
ncadams27 CouchPotato987 2 months ago
I agree. You can watch that episode on MeTV next Sunday (12/10).
I thought the same thing, these guys have to do better when researching for the quizzes.
Toot1956 2 months ago
15/19, quite a few gueses, hard one.
LynCarrigan 2 months ago
11/19. Guess guess guess. Why do I even do these? !!
SparkleMotion 2 months ago
11/19. I guess that's not too bad. ... I kept waiting to see Billy Bob Thornton on here.
Well, he's not a classic TV star! His only series was Hearts Afire with John Ritter & Markie Post!
Sparkle is right:
"It's your time to shine and tell us whether he's played Santa before in any movie or television episode!"
Zip 2 months ago
Didn't think about actors voicing Santa on cartoons. Some of those got me.

I also believe Ed Asner played a Santa character on an episode of Highway To Heaven. It wasn't for the whole episode though. He played a rogue angel who appeared as Santa once giving presents to everyone.
RobertK 2 months ago
10 of 19. Not too good... I'm comin' down "The Chimney of Shame" and heading straight for a stocking full of coal! (At least I'll be warm for a little while). If I ace a few more quizzes, maybe I'll make the "Nice" list in time! 🤔
Peter_Falk_Fan 2 months ago
16/19 I missed Dick Van Dyke, Tim Conway, and Leslie Nielsen.
vg2023 Peter_Falk_Fan 2 months ago
Dick Van Dyke is still around kicking.
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