How well do you know the Andy Griffith Show episode ''The Rivals''?

Romance is alive and well in Mayberry, but not for everyone!


In April, 1963, The Andy Griffith Show aired the episode "The Rivals." The story follows Opie as he tries to win the heart of his crush but eventually pits Opie against Barney in a hilarious romantic miscommunication.

How well do you know this classic episode? Take the quiz below to find out!

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  1. In the beginning of the episode, Opie brags to Karen that Floyd said what?
  2. Opie brings Karen to the jail and introduces her to his father. What’s her last name?
  3. When Opie gives Karen a tour of the jail, what’s the first thing he shows her?
  4. While Opie likes Karen, why does he think she doesn’t like him back?
  5. What cliché advice does Barney say Andy should give Opie?
  6. Where did Barney meet his first childhood crush?
  7. Andy says Barney is how old in this episode?
  8. What does Opie do to impress Karen?
  9. Barney’s girlfriend Thelma Lou invites Opie over to make what?
  10. Barney tries to call Thelma Lou but what happens?
  11. Barney tells Opie something to say to his crush but what happens?
  12. How does Opie say he’s gotten over Karen?
  13. How does Opie realize he can't be with Thelma Lou?

How well do you know the Andy Griffith Show episode ''The Rivals''?

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JohnnyWalker 7 months ago
Opies Rival really shows what a little possessive brat Opie can be.
Pauly_789 43 months ago
13 out of 13! We watch Andy and Barney all the time, so it was pretty easy.
JanFresh 50 months ago
13/13 I know this episode like the back of my hand. Thanks to my mom lol
David 50 months ago
one of the G.O.A.T. episodes!
jcw45 50 months ago
I love this show. I can't go a day without watching it. I think I need the 1-800 number. 😂😂😂
missbloonde 50 months ago
13 out of 13 just because I love The Andy Griffith Show. 😊 Same actress (Ronda Jeter) who played Karen Burgess was also later Sharon Porter and in the season 4 episode 29, “The Rumor” is one of Helen’s students named ‘Ethel’. Also, in the season 4 episode 7, “A Black Day for Mayberry” she was in the crowd next to Opie when the gold truck came in town. Ok, I’ll shut up now lol 😆
jcw45 missbloonde 50 months ago
She was also in the movie The Music Man with Opie too. 😁
Html_bucket 50 months ago
Yes 13 out of 13. Awsome. I really do know my classic shows.
idkwut2use 50 months ago
You got 13 out of 13

You showed that quiz who's boss! Great job!
Utzaake 50 months ago
"You got 2 out of 13. What a gut punch. Better luck next time!"
MrBill 50 months ago
12/13; missed the first one then breezed right thru the rest of the quiz.
Greggert 50 months ago
13-13. One of my few 100% quizzes.Keep them coming!
DavidBarker 50 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
You showed that quiz who's boss! Great job!
Missed #1 & 3
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